DHA Lahore would transfer ownership of certain sectors

DHA Lahore would transfer ownership of certain sectors

The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) in Lahore said in a post on its Facebook page on November 24 that plots in different parts of Prism 9 and Phase IV would be given back to their owners.

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According to the information, the government will give the owners of residential plots in Sectors D and E and commercial plots in Sector P of Prism 9. In the same post, it says that plots in Shuhada Town will also be given to people soon. It’s important to keep in mind that the authority has only shared this teaser post and hasn’t said when they will hand over ownership.

The DHA Lahore said in an early post on the authority’s Facebook page that plots in Sector KK of Phase IV will also soon be given to their new owners. The post says that there are 903 Kanals of land in Sector K. This post, too, didn’t talk about when things would change hands.

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