The Pak-EPA approves the Bhara Kahu Bypass project

The Pak-EPA approves the Bhara Kahu Bypass project

The leading newspaper in Pakistan reported on November 25 that the Pakistan Environment Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) has approved the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) report written by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) for the Bhara Kahu Bypass project. The report was made for the construction of the Bhara Kahu Bypass.

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The CDA made an EIA report, which is now being given to the Islamabad High Court (IHC) for approval. In the previous hearing, the IHC said that there was no “conditional approval” for any project in the environmental laws. Based on the facts, Section 12 of the Pakistan Environmental Protection Act of 1997 says that the PAK-EPA approved the EIA report. The approval came with 20 requirements that the CDA must meet. In this case, the government agency is required to set up an Environmental Management Committee. This committee will send a quarterly compliance report to the PAK-EPA and make sure the plan for the plantation is being carried out.

Also, the IHC will continue to hear the case brought by Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) faculty members against the building of the Bhara Kahu Bypass on the university’s grounds. With this in mind, the IHC previously issued a stay order that stopped the CDA from building the part of the bypass that went through QAU land. The CDA said that this project will help millions of people who travel. The authority has also sent a letter saying that it will give the university 225 kanals of other land.

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