DHA Multan agrees to develop a mixed-use high-rise

DHA Multan agrees to develop a mixed-use high-rise

DHA According to a post on the authority’s Facebook page on September 20, the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) in Multan has signed an agreement with Serene Tower (Pvt.) Ltd to build a mixed-use high-rise project in Sector C.

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“Serene Tower,” a high-rise residential and commercial building with the latest technology, will be built in DHA Multan’s Sector C on Main Boulevard (Muhammad Ali Jinnah Avenue). The multipurpose development will have a unique design and be in a great spot to give the people of South Punjab an unbeatable way to live. Details show that the mixed-use project will include both high-end apartments and new businesses.

The DHA Multan government has also called the year 2022 “A year of Progression.” The authority said again that it was committed to working hard to give the members of the housing society a peaceful place to live and a lot of investment opportunities.

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