Punjab CM orders Sheikhupura's inclusion in LDA jurisdiction

Punjab CM orders Sheikhupura’s inclusion in LDA jurisdiction

News sources said that on Tuesday, September 20, Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Pervaiz Elahi told the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) to include Sheikhupura in its area of responsibility.

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At the LDA’s 4th governing body meeting, which was held to talk about ongoing development projects and legal issues, the directives were given. Elahi said that if more cities joined LDA, their infrastructure and laws would get better. The board of directors also made the following decisions:

  • The budget for the LDA for the year 2022–23 was approved by CM.
  • The CM ordered that fire hydrants with constant water supply be put up all over the city so that firefighters can respond quickly to city fires.
  • He also told the LDA that it couldn’t approve any plans for multi-story buildings without a safety check from Rescue 1122.
  • The group decided that any apartment project must have at least 1 Kanal of land. The LDA will also collect sanitation fees from private housing schemes that don’t pay on behalf of the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA)
  • The body gave permission for apartments to be built in the Finance and Trade Center in Johar Town.
  • The plan to improve Khayaban Amin, Johar Town, was also given the green light.
    The marketing and business plan for the Walk and Shop LDA Shopping Arena in Johar Town were given the green light.
  • The meeting also approved the project to improve the Mohlanwal Housing Scheme’s infrastructure and decided not to charge late fees for past dues because of the pandemic. But if current dues were paid late, a standard fine would be charged.
  • The Central Business District in Punjab will be officially opened next month.
  • It was decided to move all the industries in LDA City to one place.
  • It was agreed that Compact Engineering should be paid.
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