DHA Multan Announces Sector V Incentive Program

DHA Multan Announces Sector V Incentive Program

Multan: On June 5, the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Multan announced an incentive program for members of Sector V via a Facebook post on the authority’s official page.

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According to the information provided, the Project Director, Brig. Shoeb Anwar Kayani, issued possession certificates for 8-marla plots in Sector V. At the occasion, the project director unveiled an incentive program for members of Sector V DHA Multan that waives all development fees and utility fees if construction is completed by June 30, 2024.

Here are the specifics of the development scheme exemption:

From DHA Date of Possession BeginningWaiver of Development Charges Completion Deadline
100% completion of construction within twelve months80 percent of construction to be completed within 13 to 14 months by June 30, 2024.August 31, 2024 Construction completion within 15 to 16 months60% 31 October 2024
50% of construction projects completed within 17-18 monthsDecember 31 2024
Similarly, the specifications of the utility charges waiver are as follows:

From the date of DHA possession launchingWaiver of service feesThe cutoff date for the beginning
Beginning construction of residential units within 12 months:
5-10 residential units 50%June 30 2024 11-19 residential units 75%June 30 2024 20+ residential units 100%June 30 2024
Start of construction of commercial units within a year:
5-9 commercial units 50%June 30 2024 10+ commercial units 100%June 30 2024
Direct sale of 1 kanal location properties is available from DHA Multan.

The DHA Multan’s incentive programme is designed to encourage early construction and development in Sector V, thereby providing its members with substantial benefits.

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