DHA opens motorway, commercial lab, Chiltan Cricket Ground

DHA opens motorway, commercial lab, Chiltan Cricket Ground

DHA Quetta In a historic event, Quetta hosted an opening ceremony for a number of housing society construction projects, according to a video posted on the authority’s official Facebook post on September 10.

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The motorway, a crucial transport corridor, reportedly reopened following substantial infrastructural renovations. A state-of-the-art commercial laboratory was also launched with the intention of assisting the R&D requirements of nearby companies. Additionally, an 11KV feeder for the transmission of energy was publicly launched by the DHA Quetta.

The Chiltan Cricket Ground (CCG), which offers cutting-edge amenities for cricket aficionados and aspiring sportsmen, was finally launched. CCG offers times for booking, whether you’re an experienced cricketer trying to improve your techniques or a group of friends looking to have fun playing a game.

Government representatives, military personnel, and local leaders all attended this ceremony to highlight DHA Quetta’s dedication to promoting regional growth and enhancing the lives of its citizens.

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