Faisalabad Master Plan 2040 approved by FDA

Faisalabad Master Plan 2040 approved by FDA

Faisalabad: The board of the Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA) approved the first draught of the Faisalabad Master Plan (2022-42) on Wednesday, December 28.

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The plan was approved at a meeting led by FDA Chairman Mian Waris Aziz. During the meeting, the details of the proposals and the draught of the master plan were talked about in depth. The head of the FDA said it would be a historic document for planning the city’s future in a well-thought-out way. He also said that the FDA had finished the draught of the city’s master plan after several meetings with lawmakers and other important people and that everyone had approved it. With the help of consulting firms, it took five years to finish the draught.

It’s important to know that the Punjab government just approved the Lahore Master Plan 2050, which aims to make the province’s significant cities modern and friendly to the environment for future generations.

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