Finalized locations for the Lahore beautification campaign's plantation drive

Finalized locations for the Lahore beautification campaign’s plantation drive

According to news stories from May 18 that were published in Lahore, the Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) Lahore has chosen four locations within the city to complete its goal of planting 1 million seedlings there.

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One hundred thousand of the one million plants that will be planted along the Lahore Ring Road, according to PHA Director General Muhammad Tahir, would be seedlings. In addition, 70,000 trees will be planted nearby the airport and in its surroundings.

The authorities has chosen to switch the irrigation system to solar electricity, according to DG Tahir. He gave the assurance that in the event of light rain, PHA will make arrangements to irrigate the plants from alternate sources.
In order to meet the province government’s goal of planting a million plants in Lahore during the current fiscal year, the authority reaffirmed its commitment to doing so.

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