FWO and NLC are soliciting bids for the refurbishment of Kutchery Chowk

FWO and NLC are soliciting bids for the refurbishment of Kutchery Chowk

FWO and NLC are soliciting bids for the refurbishment of Kutchery Chowk. FWO was given the direct contract for the Rawalpindi Ring Road project. However, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has decided to hold a competition between the FWO and the National Logistics Cell (NLC) for a project worth Rs3.99 billion.

There will be a direct contract for the remodeling of Kutchery Chowk on April 7. RDA Chief Engineer Dr Habibul Haq Randhawa has written a letter to the two groups asking them to join.

“In accordance with PPRA Rules 59(e), you are hereby asked to participate in direct contracting for the subject work,” the letter said.

A government agency can hire an organization, semi-autonomous, or autonomous institution under its control if the project is time-sensitive and private sector information can’t be shared. Rule 59(e) allows this.

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The RDA has already hired Frontier Works Organization to work on the Ring Road project.

The government agency that is going to buy something has to do it all independently, without involving the private sector as a partner, joint venture, or subcontractor.

A letter from the chief engineer of the RDA says that he wants the FWO and NLC to get the tender documents from his office and send them to his office with a technical (in-house capacity) and financial bid in two separate sealed envelopes by 2pm on April 7.

During the financial year 2020-21, the company should have an average annual construction turnover of Rs5 billion and a minimum net capital of Rs6 billion. In addition, the letter said the company should have at least two annual audit reports from the last ten years.

It said the company should have done projects of this kind that cost at least Rs4 billion or more in the last ten years. Therefore, firms, partners, and directors should not be blocked.

There can’t be plea deals with the NAB or any other government agency.

The application will be thrown out if any of the information in the documents turns out to be fake or forged at any point.

The company must own at least one computerized asphalt plant with a capacity of 100 tonnes and the necessary equipment. It must also possess at least two automated concrete batching plants with a total of 100 tonnes each. 30 CuM/hr

When Dawn called the RDA’s chief engineer, he said the project would be done directly and that the deadline for financial bids had been set for April 2. Later, the deadline was changed to April 7.

All of the money spent on the project comes to Rs4.99 billion.

There will be a construction cost of Rs3.994 billion, and Rs135 million will be spent on moving utility services like telephone lines. More than that, Rs5 million has been set aside to keep traffic moving and do other things, while Rs387 million has been set aside to buy land outside the cantonment areas.

People in Punjab have agreed to spend Rs4.4 million on private land acquisition for 5.67 marlas and Rs347 on land for the cantonment and military, which is 88.60 marlas. The government approved the plan.

As part of the RDA plan, the main square will be signal-free, and there will be a two-story flyover over the main road. According to data, more than 300,000 cars pass through this road every day and get stuck in traffic, especially when VIPs move around.

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