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RDA completes the PC-1 of the Kutchery Chowk underpass project

RDA completes the preliminary PC-1 of the Kutchery Chowk underpass project. As the Ammar Chowk remodelling project worth Rs1.307 billion is expected to be completed by December 20, Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has requested the Punjab government to initiate the Rs3.6 billion Kutchery Chowk underpass project.

“The civic body recommended the government begin work on Kutchery Chowk first and subsequently on Defence Chowk reconstruction, transferring funds designated for Defence Chowk to the Kutchery Chowk project because it was more critical,” a top RDA official told Dawn.

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has prepared a preliminary feasibility study (PC-I) for remodelling Kutchery Chowk and Defence Chowk. It has submitted it to the Planning and Development Board for approval.

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Kutchery Chowk is anticipated to cost Rs3.630 billion, while Defence Chowk would cost Rs2.200 billion.

According to a top RDA official, the government earmarked Rs300 million each for Kutchery Chowk and Defence Chowk, located in front of Shifa Eye Hospital and Fauji Foundation Hospital.

He explained that if the RDA began both projects concurrently, it would create traffic congestion. Therefore they chose to begin with it and subsequently with Defence Chowk.

He stated that the civic council had requested Rs1.8 billion to begin construction early next year. He stated that the provincial government had approved the project in principle.

Concerning the project’s PC-I, he stated that the provincial government had forwarded it to the communication and worked department for review. After it received a green light, the Planning and Development Board would issue formal permission.

He stated the traffic congestion had risen on the major plaza and the enormous lineups are apparent on all the roadways. According to him, the proposal calls for an underpass to connect The Mall and Airport Road to The Mall and Jhelum Road.

However, he stated that the RDA desired to construct a flyover but was denied permission by garrison authorities due to security concerns.

When contacted, RDA spokesman Mohammad Irfan stated that they are now engaged in two major projects: Kutchery Chowk and Defence Chowk. However, he stated that work on the projects would begin following the completion of Ammar Chowk, as per the Punjab government’s directive to reduce traffic congestion in the garrison city’s key squares.

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