GFS Builders Group launches seven wonders City in Islamabad

GFS Builders Group launches seven wonders City in Islamabad

GFS Builders Group launches seven wonders City in Islamabad

GFS builders and Developers have introduced something exceptional for the residents in Islamabad. After their successful venture in Karachi, the company is now launching a housing project seven wonders City in Islamabad. The owners of this project claim to provide real estate investors with lucrative chances, technology and a cutting edge lifestyle. The company is well known for its joint venture with the corporate sector, i.e. FMCG firms, Banks, Education and Individual patrons.

Mr Irfan Wahid, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, is one of the most diversified and leading builders in Pakistan. He has had an executive position of supervision and engineering for the past six years in New York and London. He is also notable for his tenure with the defence builders association as a Vice-Chairman. All the company’s business operations are led by Mr Mansoor Wahid, who also acts as a Managing Director of the company due to exclusive experience.

Previous Projects

The reputation of the company is good due to its distinct features. Its demand had skyrocketed more than before, as it is already a landmark development in Karachi. Some of its present and future projects are:

  • Downtown Residency City in Hyderabad
  • Clifton Luxuria, Clifton Block 4
  • Green Residency in Khairpur
  • Lubaba Residency in North Karachi
  • Medina City in Sukkur
  • Sahiwal Mall
  • Palm City in Sukkur
  • New City in Sukkur


In Karachi, the company has already planned to construct duplicates of each seven wonders in the World. Hence, it will be labelled as one of the main family attractions for the residents in Karachi. People would likely come across replications of

  • The Roman Colosseum
  • The Eiffel Tower
  • The Stonehenge
  • The Great Wall of China
  • The Taj Mahal
  • The Statue of Liberty
  • The Great Pyramid of Giza

These replicas would be around the midpoint of the replica of Minar-e -Pakistan, a prominent landmark of Pakistan. It is one of the most distinctive features of this housing society, and it also allows investors to have a vision of their dream destinations every day. Apart from that, it will be a fascinating tourist spot, where travelers from Karachi would be able to take snaps with replicas and upload them on their social media accounts.

The housing society would comprise other features such as amusement parks, state of the art hospitals, Water Parks, and community centers.

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Location and NOC

The company is marketing its latest venture as a low-cost housing solution near NOVA City Islamabad. It mainly consists of bungalows and residential plots with commercial structures. The company has applied for the No Objection Certificate and is planning a master plan. In Karachi, it has already offered Seven Wonders of the World within a Gated society. It is located just near to M9 Karachi motorway.

Along with that, Jinnah International Airport is just one-hour drive away from its location. It spreads over 250 acres of area. Some real estate experts in Islamabad believe that the GFS builders group would develop the housing society nearby M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway. Moreover, 10% extra charges will be applied for corner plots, while 5% would be extra charged for road facing and some park facing plots. Apart from that 10% concession would be given on full payment once the booking time begins.

Development Updates

In terms of development and progress, the developers have planned out the roads that would speed up the entire construction procedure. The facilities they offer would make this housing project one of the finest housing schemes in Islamabad. The size of the plot would be classified into different phases. Though the housing society has not yet taken off, its demands are increasing due to its past projects in Karachi.

Some other real estate projects in Islamabad, i.e. Blue World City, Nova City, and Kingdom Valley, are already under construction. All of these societies are offering innovative and world-class facilities to the residents. So, one can think that seven wonders city would be just similar to those. In Karachi, other housing projects like ARY Laguna and DHA City are only a few minutes away.


The housing project of GFS builders groups is one of the marvelous development in the real estate industry of Pakistan. Furthermore, this housing society aims to provide a huge range of immovable assets for potential investors in Pakistan and overseas. Seven Wonder City has already become a convenient housing option for the residents due to its swift development and less prices. Whether the new housing society would be able to attain success like it has previously in Karachi or not? Only residents of Islamabad would decide. For further information, investors may contact Estate Land Marketing. We have professionally trained real estate consultants who are experienced to provide potential clients with lucrative opportunities for real estate investment in Islamabad and other cities in Pakistan.

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