GFS 7 Wonders City Development Updates

GFS 7 Wonders City Development Updates 2023


GFS 7 wonders city development is the first question that arises in the investor’s mind before investing here. Moreover, the developers are here with outclass features and offering future residents a world-class lifestyle. Furthermore, the best reason for the investors’ popularity is its location, which is highly accessible from vital sites like the Rawalpindi Ring Road and the CPEC route. Most importantly, the housing society has a lot of amenities available at reasonable rates, which is why investors are looking for this investment opportunity.

The housing society will have the seven wonders replicas that will enhance the living standards of future residents. Moreover, the housing society is developing fast, and if you are keen on the latest development updates of their residential venture, continue reading.

NOC Approval

The GFS is the name that has already made the name in the country’s real estate projects. Moreover, the initiative of this project follows by the Seven Wonders city Karachi. And after the success of the endeavour now, the developers are building Seven Wonders City Islamabad. Furthermore, it is a legal real estate project with the concerned authorities’ registration number SL-N-I / TP /555. Most importantly, the NOC approval is mandatory to gain future residents’ and investors’ trust and reliability. Therefore, investment here will be the most lucrative option for all the residents of the twin cities.

GFS 7 Wonders City Development Updates

The housing scheme is developing fast to offer the best living space to all the residents soon. Moreover, the recent development here are as follows:

GFS 7 Wonders City Development Updates

Pine Trees Plantation

The GFS 7 wonders city development work is happening fast, intending to offer the best living space to all at highly affordable prices. Moreover, there will be 5000 Pine trees that are now part of the community. But, as we know, the owners’ primary will is to offer a serene and peaceful lifestyle to all future residents and developers. Furthermore, the greenery will not only add beauty to the community but also contributes to climate change in a sustainable way. Lastly, many housing societies like Forest Town Islamabad are following such development.

Green Block Launched

The newly launched block has the best amenities one can ask for a sustainable lifestyle. Moreover, the developers are also offering basic and high-end facilities at low prices because a majority of the investors can start here. Furthermore, the instalment provision is also here with the ease of payment schedule. And the investors have to pay the down payment after the prices are payable in easy instalments. The GFS 7 wonders city development is going on a fast track to facilitate future residents soon.

The best aspect is the master plan that includes various plots. Moreover, the developers offer cottages, Villas, Farmhouses, and commercial and residential areas. Furthermore, the properties here have the best features that will enhance the living standards of all investors. And, GFS 7 wonders city development indicates that soon investors can achieve high-quality standards. Lastly, it is mandatory to book a plot here now and enjoy a blissful life here.

Grand Mosque

The developers are also building a Mosque in the housing scheme to facilitate the residents. And soon, the construction work will be complete, and the future residents can offer their prayers there. Moreover, the developers are willing to provide essential and high-end facilities to everyone. But, most importantly, the infrastructure of the Mosque will be of high-quality that and will enhance the beauty of the community. Therefore, investment here will let the investors achieve sustainable living standards because the GFS 7 wonders city development is going on a fast track.

Developed Main Road

The GFS 7 wonders city development work includes the construction of the main road. And the main highway creates a magnificent impact on the residential schemes. Moreover, the developers also want to offer an easy way to roam around the community. Furthermore, the investors also look for the infrastructure status before investing in any housing project. Finally, and most importantly, the quality of the infrastructure will be high, attracting and enhancing future residents’ living standards. Moreover, the developers are also offering these developments at a highly affordable price. Lastly, the investment here now is valuable because the worth of the community will increase after construction work.


The GFS 7 wonders city development status is what all investors are now looking forward to making an ideal investment here. Moreover, the developers are eager to deliver the best standard of living to inhabitants. Therefore, the construction work will also boost the investors’ confidence that they have made the right choice for their families. Furthermore, the roads, streets, Grand Mosque, and green blocks are the latest developments of Islamabad’s seven wonders city. These developments and other construction work will soon be completed and offer the best living standards for future residents. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing has the current status details, so keep checking their websites for the latest updates.

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