Gulberg Pride Islamabad

Gulberg Pride Islamabad

Gulberg Pride Islamabad

Gulberg Pride Islamabad is a cooperative plan established by Eagle Vale and Ironstep Builders to benefit its employees. It is located in the Gulberg Residencia neighborhood. It is designed modern and comprehensive to provide clients with the most excellent possible business experience. Accordingly, the certificate of authorization has not yet been authorized by the appropriate authorities.

Furthermore, Gulberg Pride is a collection of first-class facilities designed just for you and your family and to provide you with the ideal location for commercial operations, including new possibilities and investments that are intended to improve your profit margins.

Developers & Owners

Eagle Vale and Ironstep Builders have formed a joint venture to build Gulberg Pride. Both of the developers are well-established and economically responsible construction firms, as implied by their names. So In their respective professions, they are a group of perfectly skilled people and have extensive experience. Combining these professionals, who have a lengthy history of completing high-quality projects, provides the business with a contemporary approach and a competitive advantage over the competition.

In reality, society has become associated with cutting-edge architecture. In particular, the fascinating journey encourages you to investigate the excellent infrastructure, as well as the aesthetically appealing surroundings.

NOC Status

The regulatory governments have yet granted the No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Gulberg Pride Islamabad. There are no doubts about the legality of Gulberg Pride Islamabad since, after the housing society has been legally acquired, investors may place their complete confidence in the property with their valuable assets.

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Location Map

Gulberg Pride Islamabad is located in Gulberg Residencia, which is a gated community. Located in the leading site of D-Markaz Gulberg Residencia, which is in the heart of Gulberg Green’s commercial district, it is a great place to live.

Gulberg Pride Islanabad location map

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Access Points

Gulberg Pride Islamabad is easily accessible from the main places such as:

  • 30 min drive from Islamabad
  • 21 min drive from PWD Housing Society PWD Society, Rawalpindi
  • 25 min drive from Faizabad Interchange
  • moreover 5 min drive from Gulberg Islamabad

Gulberg Pride Islamabad Floor Plans

Gulberg Pride Islamabad is now offering some great commercial property choices for anyone interested in investing.

Furthermore, since it is just across the street from the society’s parking lot, it is guaranteed to be hassle-free for car parking needs. It also has its own covered parking lot, which is a plus for visitors.

Floor Plan Lower Ground

floor plan lower ground in Gulberg Pride Islanabad

Floor Plan Ground

Floor plan ground of Gulberg Pride Islanabad

First Floor Plan

First floor plan of Gulberg Pride Islanabad

Second Floor Plan

second floor plan of Gulberg Pride Islanabad

Third Floor Plan

Third floor plan of Gulberg Pride Islanabad

Apartments Floor Plan

Appartments floor plan of Gulberg Pride Islanabad

3 Bed Floor Plan

3 bed floor plan

Payment Plan

The pricing of ground-floor stores is Rs. 45,000 per square foot. From 284 square feet to 2545 square feet, the sizes of the stores are varied.

The pricing of first-floor shops is Rs. 32,000 per square foot. The sizes of the businesses range from 236 square feet to 666 square feet.

The pricing of the offices is Rs. 17,000 per square foot, and the sizes range from 551 to 784 square feet in length.

Moreover, The third and fourth levels are occupied with residential flats. The price of the apartment is Rs. 8,000 per square foot.

The following are the dimensions of the residential apartments:

  • 1 Bed Apartment 935 Square Feet
  • 2 Bed Apartment 1184 Square Feet
  • 3 Bed Apartment 1455 Square Feet

Ground Flooe Shops Payment Plan

ground floor shops payment plan

First Floor Shops Payment Plan

First Floor Payment Plan

Second Floor Offices Payment Plan

second floor offices payment plan


Third Floor Appartment Payment Plan

third floor appartment payment plan


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This luxury community’s amenities are a component, which might be considered an entire residential development plan. The following are the amenities available at the Gulberg Pride Islamabad:

High-speed elevator

A high-speed elevator is being built at Gulberg Pride Islamabad to ensure passenger safety. A construction concept that effectively increases land-use efficiency while preserving land resources and rising space may significantly reduce the pressure on urban population land use. At the same time, It is often utilized in large and medium-sized cities still building their infrastructure.

Parking lots

The parking lots in Gulberg Pride Islamabad are large enough to accommodate a large number of vehicles. likewise, Considering that automobiles are the most common mode of transportation, this advancement has already fulfilled the requirements of drivers

Reception area

The reception area in Gulberg Pride Islamabad is attractive enough to facilitate its customers. While waiting to be greeted by a team member, visitors to this development may discover more about their company’s history and culture. Moreover, In this manner, a welcoming welcome area benefits the company’s employees.

Safe Environment

Perception of security is essential in both the home and business environments. As a result, a gated community provides a sense of security. In addition, A security system that includes properly placed 24/7 CCTV cameras.

Business & Commercial Hub

So, the developers have considered all of the inhabitants’ requirements, including financial and commercial requirements. Secondly, The Gulberg Pride Islamabad development would cater to this need by providing a comprehensive retail area. So Residents may satisfy all of their commercial requirements from inside the community by residing in these locations.

For example, the accessibility of educational institutions from the Lahore Smart City society is also close by, as its inhabitants would benefit from current knowledge experiences similar to those provided by this specific plan.


The Gulberg Pride Islamabad will provide environmentally sustainable, close-to-nature living and all of the modern conveniences. This construction will provide a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that cannot be found in any other mall in Pakistan.

Furthermore, the beautifully designed interior and the cutting-edge exterior create a fascinating place to call home that is genuinely futuristic while still incorporating elements of nature. Various apartment types are available, ranging from Studio to Three-bedroom.

Shopping Center

A large shopping mall that houses all of the leading national and international brands in one location provides the best shopping experience for customers.

Food Court

The great and spacious food court, extended on two levels, the second and third, and has over 136 businesses, provides the best dining experience. With so many savory food options in one place, the food court is anticipated to quickly become Islamabad’s go-to eating and shopping destination. Moreover, a 5,914 square foot multi-dimensional visual effects cinema completes the dine-out evening with the peak of enjoyment.

Gaming Zone

The gaming zone, which is 5,669 square feet in size, offers a break from the routine of everyday life for both adults and children.

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Why Should I Invest in this society?

Investment in the Gulberg pride is a profitable option that provides a high rate of return on investment. As a result, this well-planned housing complex offers everything a person could require.

Environmentally Friendly

The developers have been working hard to create a clean and green atmosphere that is helpful to the surrounding ecosystem and its residents. Choosing to live in green communities, such as the Gulberg pride, offers many advantages, including better health and well-being, higher morale among residents, reduced energy bills, and cleaner air. It is one of these kinds of communities. While reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption are the project’s main goals, utilizing biodegradable and recyclable materials wherever feasible is also a focus. Green areas are essential when it comes to the creation of a community that is ecologically aware.

Healthy and Happy Lifestyle

The developers have shown a solid dedication to the health and well-being of the inhabitants of the lodging community. Secondly, The hospital’s emergency room is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to offer emergency care to the general public.

The Advantages of Investing in Real Estate

There are many benefits to considering a real estate investment. To mention a few uses, it can produce a high rate of return on investment. It is important to note that it will only be helpful if done correctly on the first try. Consequently, while investing in the real estate sector, one may anticipate enjoying numerous advantages. This product offers the following benefits, which are some of the essential advantages of using it.

Confidence in a financial condition

A person who has an excess of money or an asset and wants to preserve the value of that high asset while at the same time guaranteeing that the investment’s worth does not degrade might consider investing in real estate. The only industry can achieve this while simultaneously ensuring that the investment’s value does not degrade.

source of income

A person may create a regular income stream via real estate investing can be achieved very fast. Consider the following situations. One could buy a piece of land and develop it or purchase a plot of land and rent it out monthly or yearly. It is fair to claim that the situation is getting more stable than more unstable due to this development.


Maintaining investment in the same manner as maintaining a live creature after it has been finished is unnecessary in most instances. Likewise, Only you have to be worried about one thing. Keeping a check on your property frequently ensures that it does not fall into the wrong hands of invading parties.

Profits from a Passive Income

Upon making a real estate investment, a person may be able to earn passive income via the renting of the property. An investor could buy an already-constructed structure or a piece of land and then rent it out, guaranteeing that they get a steady revenue stream throughout the year with no disruption in company activities.


A gated community is safer than a regular neighborhood. At the same time, Residents are safeguarded by a security system that comprises closed-circuit television cameras and other technology monitored around the clock.

Supply of Electricity, Water, And Gas

The Gulberg pride will feature 24/7 subsurface power utilities. However, owing to load shedding problems in the major cities, the residents of Rawalpindi are seeking adjacent housing communities.


it is designed to offer basic facilities for modern societies. So The significant amenities offered by developers include.

  • Parks
  • Better & Clear Roads with Green Belts
  • 24/7 surveillance from CCTV Camera
  • Advance Sewerage System
  • Educational Institutes
  • Sports Grounds and Complex
  • Scenic Beauty with a Green and clean environment
  • Sector dedicated hospitals and health centers


it has some parts are the following

  • State of the art modern planning
  • Wide roads with green belts
  • Modern sewerage system
  • High security
  • Masjid
  • Parks
  • Play areas
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Community Center for Recreational Activities
  • furthermore, A gated community with emergency response teams on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Pros and Cons


  • Schools \ Colleges
  • 24/7Gas
  • 24/7-water
  • 24/7-Electricity
  • Security cameras and armed guards
  • Amenities such as amusement parks and recreational areas
  • A peaceful, healthy, and secure atmosphere
  • Grocery stores, shopping centers, markets, and shopping malls
  • in addition, a solid waste disposal system is provided.
  • near to the city’s key sites as well as other organizations
  • Carefully considered drainage and waste disposal systems
  • A green and environmentally friendly housing society
  • in addition, a Police Station to maintain peace and order
  • Walkable roads, streets, lanes, and walking paths carpeted the main boulevard, expansive and well-planned.


  • The impression of high plot prices,


Gulberg Pride Islamabad is a cooperative plan established by Eagle Vale and Ironstep Builders. It is located in the Gulberg Residencia neighborhood of Islamabad. The appropriate authorities have not yet authorized the certificate of authorization for the establishment of this business. In addition, If you have any questions about the Gulberg Pride Islamabad, please get in touch with us. Please visit our website (Estate land marketing)or contact us directly if you have any questions.


Q1. What is the Gulberg Pride Islamabad, and how is it different from other developments?

ANS: Gulberg Pride Islamabad is a tall multi-purpose building, and the developers have outfitted each level with unique amenities for the benefit of the residents.

Q2. What is the status of the legal NOC of the housing society?

ANS: The NOC has not yet been authorized by the appropriate authorities. It is expected to be approved as soon as feasible.

Q3. Who are the developers of Gulberg Pride Islamabad?

ANS: Eagle Vale & Ironstep Builders are the joint developers of Gulberg Pride Islamabad.

Q4: How can I buy a plot?

ANS: If you have any questions. Additionally, Estate Land Marketing is the marketing of real estate.

Q5 What is mean a society in real estate?

ANS: Gas, Water, Parks, Hospital, Sewerage, not only-but also Linking Road Network, and Electricity, etc.


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