China-Pakistan Economic Corridor enters the quality development stage

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor enters the quality development stage

China is’ pleased’ as CPEC enters the quality development stage. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has achieved new results and reached a stage of high-quality development, according to Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin.

“We are pleased that CPEC has achieved new results and reached a stage of high-quality growth,” he said during his regular press briefing in Beijing.

He also pointed to the NDRC briefing where a commission representative updated the public on the latest CPEC developments. “This is an example of encouraging the prosperity and development of countries along the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI),” Wenbin noted.

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He stated that the Chinese would cooperate with Pakistan to implement the crucial accord reached by the two countries’ leaders and turn CPEC into a model project for BRI quality growth and strengthen the China-Pakistan shared community.

Earlier, NDRC spokesperson Meng Wei stated that the CPEC had entered a new phase of high-quality growth after many years of significant achievements.

The CPEC has made significant progress in Pakistan, with expressways, vocational institutions, and power plants funded by China.

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First CPEC Project Complete

This important BRI pilot project will boost Pakistan’s socio-economic growth in areas such as energy and transportation, according to the NDRC spokesperson.

“China-Pakistan will continue to strengthen cooperation focused on the Gwadar port, energy, and infrastructure projects,” the statement added. The bond of China-Pakistan friendship get strengthen by this project and they will pursue more and more things in future as well. The project of CPEC is a gateway of future investments for both of them.

On September 23, the CPEC Joint Council for Cooperation (JCC) signed five cooperation documents and three inter-enterprise agreements.

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