how can overseas buy a plot in 7 wonders city islamabad

How can Overseas buy plot in 7 Wonders City Islamabad

How can Overseas buy plot in 7 Wonders City

7 Wonders City is the best place for Pakistanis who live outside of Pakistan to invest if they want to live in world-class homes.
Another new housing project in Islamabad is called 7 Wonders City, and it aims to bring together seven of the world’s most famous landmarks in one place. The GFS group of Builder, a well-known construction company in Pakistan, started this project. The main goal of this housing project is to help the people who live in Islamabad. They will be able to live in a luxurious home.


Another reason to invest in this housing project is that it is mostly on the CPEC route, which is right next to Blue World City. A part of it is near the CPEC route, and another is next to the Fateh Jang Road.

Seven Wonders City Islamabad location map

NOC Status

The NOC Status No Objection Certificate is important to gain the trust and confidence of investors. The owners of the 7 wonders city in Islamabad are working with the capital development authority and TMA Fatehjang to get the NOC that will make this project legal so that it can be built. It also helps have a legal NOC, which means the development will move quickly.

Master Plan

No one has come up with a plan for Islamabad, one of seven wonder cities. A master plan for the project would be made when the CDA permitted them. They are also making sure that the money that Pakistanis who live in other countries invest in this housing society pays off. There are seven wonders in Islamabad, and they want to build an executive block so that foreign investors can live there and do business there. Currently, the only plots for sale are 5 Marla, 7 Marla, and 10 Marla.

People from other countries can buy land in Islamabad’s 7 Wonders City, but how?
There are a lot of different sizes of land for sale in the city that has 7 wonders. Their payment plan is also fair and easy to pay because they have instalment plans. Also, the five-marla plot costs PKR 1,850,000, while the seven-marla plot costs PKR 2,510,000/-. Another thing to note is that the price for 10 Marla plots is PKR 3,500,000. Investors would have to pay a 10% down payment at the start, and then they would have to pay a fee during the voting process.

Documents You Need to Buy a Plot

Documents which are needed to buy plot in 7 wonders city:

  • When you buy something, you get a copy of your CNIC and the CNIC of your next-to-kin.
  • A passport-sized picture.
  • A booking fee that must pay.
  • Before investing in this housing project, there are a few things to think about. First, the investors must pay all of the fees on time, so they won’t have trouble getting the property. Another thing to remember is that it might sell out the plots quickly. So, please make an early investment here.


The 7 Wonders City Islamabad is a great place to invest. A good thing about this project is that it’s in a good place and costs a lot less than other things. Furthermore, this housing society also offers low prices for investors outside the country.

The best thing about this project is that it will have replicas of all seven of the world’s wonders, making it a popular tourist attraction. It is the best part of the project. It doesn’t take long to get in touch with Estate Land Marketing to learn more about the prices and payments for this housing society.

We have a team of marketing and real estate experts who can help people thinking about investing in this project understand why it’s a good idea. Estate Land Marketing is one of the best companies in Pakistan that sells real estate to people. It serves the whole country with a team of real estate experts who have a lot of experience. This company is now selling plots of Seven Wonders City Islamabad, one of the capital’s most important real estate projects.


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