Impact of CPEC Route on Nova City

Impact of CPEC Route on Nova City Guide 2022


Nova City Islamabad is one of the futuristic housing society will be here soon to offer high-quality living standards to the investors and the residents. Moreover, the developers of this real estate project are Nova City Developers. Furthermore, the central plan of the developers is to provide high-quality standards to all the residents and the investors, not only from the country but outside the country. The most significant aspect is the impact of CPEC route near the housing society. Secondly, it has increased the residential project’s worth as it will receive more business and foreign investment. Lastly, to learn more about the benefits of investing here, continue reading.

Nova City Islamabad

Nova city is one of the modern and futuristic housing societies near twin cities, like the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Moreover, the housing society’s prominent feature is its location close to vital sites. Furthermore, the main agenda of the developers is to offer high living standards to all the residents and the investors. Another prominent aspect will be the amenities it offers, which has it all from comfort to luxuries all in one gated community. And, investing here is no less than an asset for all the investors and the residents. Lastly, to know more about investment here and its benefits, visit the official website of estate land marketing.

Nova City Location

The location is the first feature in all investors minds before making any real estate investment. Moreover, the site of nova city will be near the CPEC route, Rawalpindi ring road, and Fateh Jung Road. Furthermore, the adjacent areas are M2-Motorway and Islamabad International Airport, Mumtaz, and the capital smart city. These facilities attract investors and residents to invest here. Furthermore, the main criteria for the developers are to facilitate the residents of twin cities.

The other charm of this location is that it will be close to three dams like Kasane Dam, Rama Dam, and Sapiala Dam. And these dams will enhance the worth of this residential project. Moreover, the amusement park is also close to this real estate scheme named Kheri Moorat National Park. Therefore, we can say that the location of this residential project is an attractive feature like the Blue World City Islamabad.

CPEC Route

The CPEC is the future of Pakistan economy. Moreover, it stands for China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Furthermore, this project will help grow the regional economic standards and positively impact the world’s economy. So, it will leave a mark on the real estate industry of Pakistan as well. And Nova City is one of the residential projects close to this magnificent development project.

Impact of CPEC Route on Nova City

The impact of the CPEC route on Nova City Islamabad is awe-inspiring. Moreover, we know that this regional development project is economic development for the region and the world. And this real estate project is in the CPEC route, which will bring a significant investment. Some more benefits and impacts are as follows:

Foreign Direct Investment

The economy of Pakistan also needs this type of investment to boost the country’s economic condition. Moreover, the CPEC will increase the chances of investors from around the world. And investors throughout the globe will want to be a part of this regional development project. Furthermore, it will be a beneficial aspect for the developers of Nova City and the country’s economy.

Business Opportunity

Being in the route of the CPEC will bring investment opportunities not only for the residents and the investors. Moreover, the investors from a foreign country would like to invest here to stay in the world best development project. Furthermore, nova city will have a variety of commercial properties available at affordable prices to meet the business requirements of the investors from the country and throughout the world.

 Higher Property Values

The residential and commercial properties of Nova City worth will increase due to being in the CPEC route. Moreover, the plots will demand from the country and outside the land among the investors. Furthermore, investment here will be beneficial as once the possession and development start, and the prices will see a spike.

More Tourism and Foreign Investment

The CPEC route will bring more tourists to the adjacent housing society. Moreover, more investors mean more investment as different housing societies develop nearby to facilitate the tourists. Lastly, the tourists will invest in the housing society, increasing the monetary worth of the Nova city.


The nova city will be the magnificent housing society on the premises of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Moreover, it is close to the CPEC route, Rawalpindi ring road and Islamabad International Airport. therefore, the impact of CPEC route is beneficial. Furthermore, despite its location, the payment plan will also be here according to the monetary status of the investors and the residents. Most importantly, the master plan includes a variety of plots and blocks to meet the requirements of the investors and the residents. Another prominent feature is the CPEC route that will enhance the worth of this residential project as it will bring more investment opportunities. Therefore, investing here will be a bliss to attain a high-quality living standard and business growth. Lastly, visit the official Estate Land Marketing website to get more updates.

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