Importance of vertically integrated real estate company

Importance of vertically integrated real estate company

Vertical integration talks about a company that controls more than a single stage of production of services. More than a single stage might sometimes involve the entire production. For instance, an agricultural company that produces food, processes it too, and then sells it at it own retail stores. Such cases are a good example of Vertical Integration. Some real estate firms buying properties for capital increase are known as vertically integrated real estate company. After EOI real estate strategy, this is the strategy that smart real estate investors mainly follow.

Vertically integrated real estate company

Vast majority of property businesses focus on talking about just a single factor of this asset class. Some companies in the commercial real estate business raise their own capital to obtain properties. Then there are private creditors, that provide loans to real estate investors willing to rehab their current properties. These also involve some property management businesses, construction businesses, and other real estate sales administrations, etc. A successful vertical strategy must have greater efficiency and cost effectiveness, as it get numerous stages of investment. All of the development process takes place under a single roof i.e. Dubai Real Estate Buy. Vertical integration in real estate also involves other features like asset management, or construction. Some benefits of Vertically integrated Real Estate company are following:

Greater Control:

By uniting the numerous phases of the development, businesses have huge control over the entire procedure, from the primary planning stage to the ending sale or rent of the property. Such control permits better management and the capability to make decisions rapidly, guaranteeing the timely completion of projects under an official budget, making it one of the best real estate investment strategies.

Better Efficiency:

Better efficiency in the property development process is also a significant part of Vertically integrated real estate company. Some Companies eradicate blockages and modernize operations, which results in time reeducation and cost savings to complete any project. Moreover, vertical integration also results in a decrease of the number of mediators involved in the development procedure. Such move also reduces the time and cost of negotiations and dealings.

Concentrated Risk:

By mixing numerous phases together and under unilateral supervision, businesses can better easily manage the risk. For instance, by obtaining land and safeguarding impartiality funding in-house, businesses can lessen the danger of instabilities in the market and guarantee that projects are completed despite difficult economic circumstances. Moreover, vertical integration can provide businesses with a better vision of the market, which enables them to make correct decisions about the property’s development.

Better Customer Satisfaction:

Better customer satisfaction is also one main benefits of a vertically integrated real estate company. With the integration of numerous stages of the development process, businesses can offer a complete variety of facilities to customers. A greater level of integration also enables companies to offer a continuous customer experience, which results in greater levels of customer satisfaction and allegiance. EOI Real Estate Strategy might be helpful for customer satisfaction for any real estate company with vertical integration.


When a vertically integrated real estate company needs to concentrate its focus on a exact category of property i.e. multifamily. It should further concentrate its focus by restricting its procurements to an explicit metropolitan area. With the passage of time that company would develop a set of procedures that enable it to invest more competently and professionally. The proportional expenses of these investments will fall as the company gets more properties and absorbs from each of these acquisitions. In simple terms, such company is beneficial of economies of scale, as it is able to develop its portfolio. Please visit the official site of Estate Land Marketing to get more knowledge about vertical integration. Our real estate professionals have good knowledge about all types of real estate businesses.


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