Information on the progress of the Haripur city monuments

Information on the progress of the Haripur city monuments

Haripur: Tabina Tariq, the city’s Additional Deputy Commissioner for Finance and Planning, gave a report on the progress of five monuments being built in different parts of the city to make it more beautiful.

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According to the information, two monuments have been finished, while work on three others is still going on. According to the deputy commissioner, the construction work should be done in the next few months.

After the provincial government agreed to the makeover plan, private businesses are said to have been chosen through an e-tendering process.

The Zero Point of the Bypass Road, Shah Maqsood roundabout, Chappar Road, Hazara Motorway’s Chechiyan Interchange, and Darwesh Chowk will each get a monument worth PKR 30 million. These monuments will be built in important places around the city. Monuments have been put up at Darwesh Chowk and the Shah Maqsood roundabout so far, but they’re not done yet.

A hundred-year-old tree was uprooted in Haripur village to build a road.

An official said that the Shah Maqsood monument was based on the name of God, and the Chappar Road monument was based on Tarbela Lake and a boat, which is a symbol of boating. People put up a monument at Darwesh Chowk to show their love of learning.

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