KHI Union Committee 2 lay the 5-km Mauripur Road foundation stone

KHI Union Committee 2 lay the 5-km Mauripur Road foundation stone

Karachi: On October 25, a news source stated that Karachi Mayor Barrister Murtaza Wahab laid the cornerstone for a five-kilometer two-way road at Mauripur, Union Committee 2. This was a momentous occasion.

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Mayor Wahab emphasized during the inauguration ceremony the outstanding advancements made by the Sindh government. He emphasized how the new route, which runs from the Nasir Brohi Hotel to Mubarak Village, will improve connection and make it easier for locals to get around. Mayor Wahab further reassured the public about the financial commitment made by the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC), pointing out that bids totaling billions of rupees have already been started for a variety of infrastructure projects. He promised that these efforts will be implemented quickly and provided a short deadline for doing so. Additionally, in answer to queries on the caliber of construction, the mayor made it clear that every road project was carefully planned.

A comprehensive approach to infrastructure development was ensured by the implementation of comprehensive measures, such as the laying of utility lines and the building of efficient rainwater drainage systems, before road construction began.

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