LDA assigns QR codes to each registered Lahore housing plan

LDA assigns QR codes to each registered Lahore housing plan

Lahore: To protect the public’s interests, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has given QR codes to every registered and legal society in its area. The authority announced this on October 6 in a post on its official Facebook page.

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According to the news post, each housing scheme that has legally registered with LDA and has a valid No-Objection Certificate is given a QR code (NOC). By using a mobile app to scan the code, users will be taken to a site with information about the total area, mortgage plots, land for sale, and the number of commercial and residential plots that have not been sold.

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The QR code will also show the names and locations of official LDA-registered housing projects. The LDA has also put out a list of 116 illegal housing societies that are operating in different parts of the city against the LDA’s rules. This is to keep people informed and protect them from scams. The authority has told people not to invest in any society that isn’t registered with the LDA or doesn’t have a QR code.

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