Park View City provides discounts on October payments

Park View City provides discounts on October payments

Islamabad: According to a post on the city’s official Facebook page on October 8, Park View City Islamabad is offering 10% discounts on both residential and commercial blocks for October payments.

In this latest offer, the authority will waive 50% of late payment fees and give a 10% discount on payments made in advance. The following rules will be in effect:

  • All customers of residential and business blocks will be able to use the offer.
  • When the payment is made 15 days before the due date, the discount for early payment will be given.
  • Customers have until October 31 to take advantage of the offer.
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  • Park View City’s Facebook page is the source.

Customers were told to pay their bills before the deadline so they could get discounts and avoid any trouble.

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Payments can be made to the Park View Housing Society using online mobile apps or by going to any Bank Alfalah or Silk Bank branch.

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