CDA gives QAU 225 kanals for Bhara Kahu Bypass

CDA gives QAU 225 kanals for Bhara Kahu Bypass

The land for the Bhara Kahu Bypass project was given to Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). This was reported on October 9.

The land was given to QAU by the CDA in a letter that said it was given free of any liens. According to the facts, the land that was given to them is right next to the QAU boundary pillars in the Malpur mouza. In the letter, the CDA asked the QAU registrar to name a person who could help the city managers take control of the land.

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Also, it was written in the allotment letter sent out on October 15, 1988, that nothing will change. In a statement, the authority said that CDA Chairman Captain Mohammad Usman Younis has told the Land, Estate Management-II and Planning Directorate to send the letter about the land swap to the university right away. He also told the right people to finish all the paperwork as soon as possible.

The CDA Chairman also asked the members of the Estate and Planning Wings to talk to the Vice Chancellor of QAU to figure out how to fix the problem. The news source said that the university will get land in the area next to it instead. It was found that 650 hectares of QAU land are in the path of the road being built as part of the Bhara Kahu Bypass project.

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