LDA gets PKR 1.6 bn under area development program

LDA gets PKR 1.6 bn under area development program

Lahore’s governing body, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA), has given PKR 1.6 billion to improve urban infrastructure in different parts of the city. This was reported by news sources on December 28.

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Reports say that these funds will be used to build basic infrastructure on the outskirts of Lahore, such as roads, electricity, water, sewers, and landscaping. The goal of this project is to turn the city’s outskirts into places where people can live, making the city a better place to live and visit. Sources say that the budget has been raised to deal with the growing number of people in the city’s central areas, which has caused congestion and frequent traffic jams.

Before, the government had set aside PKR 1.2 billion for the project. However, the provincial government has now asked the LDA to use the whole budget during the current fiscal year. The government has also asked LDA to use the extra money to finish the ongoing development projects.

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