LDA issues recommendations to prevent property fraud

LDA issues recommendations to prevent property fraud

Lahore: The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) put out a public advisory on October 13 to tell people how to buy property and avoid scams. The notice was published in the national dailies.

In order to buy land according to the instructions given, you should do the following:

  • Don’t be fooled by the big advertising campaigns or the offices that look like they could be trusted.
  • Instead, before you buy your plot, check the status of the project’s approval, the payment plan, and other details.
  • Make time to go to the site of the housing scheme and make sure that, according to the records at the land revenue department, the scheme has bought the land.
  • Some developers of housing projects don’t tell people about the costs of building. So, get all of the details about the payment plan in writing.
  • Find out if the public services are available and if they have been approved (water, gas, power etc.)
    Make it a point to go to the places on the maps that are marked as parks, schools, hospitals, or mosques.
  • Find out when the development work in the scheme will be done and when the plots will be ready to be moved into. Also, find out if there will be any extra costs for getting the plots.
  • Use a bank draught or a pay order to pay your bills. Keep a copy of the receipt for these payments, which will be stamped.
  • Keep the phone numbers and emails of the society’s owners and the main and regional booking offices.

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Here is a list from the government of things to do when buying plots or houses in private housing schemes:

  • Map or layout plan of the housing project in question that has been approved by the right authority
    List of the total number of plots in the scheme, broken down by size and type.
  • Investors should check to see if the property they want to buy is on the approved layout map of the housing scheme and is on the land that was bought.
  • Investors should check to see if the plot they want to buy is mortgaged to LDA or any other development authority.
  • The plots aren’t all or mostly on land that’s set aside for public amenities (school, healthcare unit, graveyard, community center etc.)
  • Make sure the housing plan has all the features listed in the approved layout plan.
  • Make sure that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) or any other department is not looking into the project.
  • People should call the office of the Director of Metropolitan Planning at 0322-8888283 if they need more information or want to make a complaint about this.
  • Also, the LDA One Window Cell can tell you about private housing projects, or you can go to the website of the authority for more information.
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