LDA will initiate the "Mohlanwal Housing Scheme" improvement initiative

LDA will initiate the “Mohlanwal Housing Scheme” improvement initiative

News sources said on November 6 that the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has decided to start the Mohalanwal Housing Scheme infrastructure project.

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After 15 years, the project in question has finally begun. The LDA has given Project Concept-1 (PC-1) PKR 870,14 million for the whole project. This money will be used to build a road network, improve infrastructure, set up water supply schemes, and fix the sewage system. Reports say that the project has already been approved by the LDA’s governing body and that work will start by the end of this year. Under the approved PC-1, the following projects will be done:

  • The road infrastructure development of the housing scheme will cost PKR 260.83 million.
  • The upgrade of the sewage system will cost PKR 140.76 million.
  • The cost of building an overhead water supply tank will be PKR 70.8 million.
  • Two tube wells to get water will cost PKR 45 million.
  • A new system for getting water will cost PKR 20.55 million to build.

Sources say that the LDA will pay for the whole project with its own money and not ask the Punjab government for money.

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