List of Legal Housing Schemes in Rawalpindi 2021 to 2022

List of Legal Housing Schemes in Rawalpindi

List of Legal Housing Schemes in Rawalpindi

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) is a civic organization. It is envisioning that high-quality construction will take place in Rawalpindi City. The RDA was founded in May 1989, mainly on the Punjab City Development Act of 1976. It started functional in March 1992, Hence, which is significant. RDA has authority over a total area of roughly 311 square kilometres. Furthermore, it also covers Rawal Town and the 64 Revenue Estate in particular. Since then, the inhabitants of Rawalpindi and Islamabad has exploded. As a result, the community is also growing vertically to the west, however, We will discuss in this blog the list of legal housing schemes in Rawalpindi.

Briefly, The number of domestic housing schemes in Rawalpindi is growing. Clearly, RDA plays a vital role in increasing the development quality of construction in the urban region in this circumstance. RDA has established its very own set of regulations and principles for this aim. As a result, only those initiatives that correctly adhere to these requirements will be including in the RDA Approved housing schemes list 2020.

On its public website, the RDA maintains a list of legal housing schemes in its jurisdiction. Furthermore, it disseminates Approved Layout Plans (LOP). These listings, on the other hand, are updated every 15 days. It also maintains the list of Unapproved Residential Properties in the same manner. Housing schemes that fall under the RDA’s authority are only permitted if they adhere to a set of guidelines. So, These characteristics, in particular, have been accepted by the Punjab City Development Act of 1976.

RDA Approved Housing schemes

The preceding is an overview of a few RDA-approved housing plans in the area:

  1. ABAD Cooperative Housing Society
  2. Airport Green Garden
  3. Army Welfare Housing Scheme (DHA-1)
  4. Bahria Paradise
  5. Bahria Town (Phase-I, II & III-Partially)
  6. Bahria Town Phase-VIII (Partially)
  7. Bostan Avenue Housing Project
  8. CBR Cooperative Society
  9. Clifton Town
  10. Capital Smart City
  11. Commoner Sky Gardens Housing Scheme, Murree
  12. Doctors Cooperative Housing Society
  13. Eastridge Housing Scheme
  14. Elite Reverie
  15. Faisal Town
  16. Fazaia Housing Scheme
  17. Federation of Railway Employees and Cooperative Society
  18. Foreign Office Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  19. Gandhara City
  20. Garden Villas
  21. Golden Jubilee Cooperative Housing Society
  22. Gulshan-e-Fatima
  23. Judicial Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  24. Kehkashan Town
  25. Khudadad City
  26. Kohsar View Housing Project
  27. Multi Gardens
  28. Mumtaz City (Revised)
  29. Municipal Corporation Cooperative Housing Scheme (Sector A&B)
  30. Pakistan Atomic Energy Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  31. Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  32. PARC Cooperative Housing Scheme
  33. PIA Officers Co-operative Housing Society
  34. Rabia Banglows
  35. Rawalpindi Railway Employees Cooperate Housing Society
  36. Revenue Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  37. Safari Enclave II (Land Sub Division)
  38. Safari Villas-I
  39. Safari Villas-II
  40. Sanober City
  41. Shalimar Town (Extension)
  42. Shifa Cooperative Housing Scheme
  43. T&T Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  44. Taj Residencia (Extension)
  45. Taj Residencia
  46. Tarnol Housing Scheme
  47. Top City (Revised)
  48. University Town Pvt Ltd
  49. Up-Country Enclosure

Rawalpindi is Pakistan’s primary city, in addition, it is situated in a temperate climate zone. Moreover, it is also among the most desirable areas to live in. Consequently, it is Pakistan’s sole well-planned and maintained metropolis to date. As a consequence, it is regarded as a safe venture in the real estate sector. It is also accessible to Punjab and KPK via the M-1 and M-2 highways. As a result, it can be described as a perfect location for both living and investing. Rawalpindi began as a modest city with only a few areas. The national government used to be the plurality of the populace, but that is no longer the case. Every Pakistani considers that they should own property in Islamabad or Rawalpindi, particularly a house.


Altogether Rawalpindi has developed dramatically in recent times, with a slew of new housing schemes springing up. We tried to include all legal housing schemes in Rawalpindi; nonetheless, there are more, and the ones listed above are highly recommended. Moreover, Estate land advises you to invest in the above-mentioned residential properties to benefit from both facilities and risk-free investment. Also, these properties provide you with the best bargains to reduce your risk.


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