Lower Dir Expressway Construction Necessitated

Lower Dir Expressway Construction Necessitated

LOWER DIR: The construction of the Dir expressway, the creation of a unique Dir division, and the start of studies at the Timergara Medical College were among the demands made by the speakers.

The demand was made during a post-budget seminar hosted by the Dir Qaami Pasoon (DQP), a local welfare group, and the district bar association here the other day.

Former provincial ministers Bakht Baidar Khan and Muzaffar Syed, DQP chief Jehan Alam, social activist Akbar Khan, and others, including Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf MPA Humayun Khan, ANP MPA Haji Bahadar Khan, former provincial ministers Bakht Baidar Khan and Muzaffar Syed, DQP chief Jehan Alam, and others, spoke at the event.

Opposition parties, according to MPA Bahadar Khan, were overlooked in the development budget. He stated that the ruling party had broken all democratic standards by ignoring the opposition while making decisions.

Despite suffering budgetary difficulties, PTI legislator Humayun Khan said the government had boosted development spending. He stated that the government was implementing second shifts in public schools to provide free education to more students.

In his district, he stated, had built multiple playgrounds. He claimed that monies had been set aside by the government to construct the Sanam Dam, the Chakdara bypass road, and the upgrade of Chakdara Hospital. He said that he had included a bit of money in the Dir Expressway project budget, which will complete through a public-private partnership after receiving approval from the relevant authorities.

The Bar president, Shah Faisal Advocate, has petitioned the Chief Justice of the Peshawar High Court to establish a single bench for the Dir and Bajaur districts in Timergara. He said the bar would urge local landowners to contribute land for the bench and offices for a separate division if the government provided the funds.

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