Major road improvements in Faisalabad are given CM approval

Major road improvements in Faisalabad are given CM approval

Faisalabad: According to news reported on October 19, Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Raza Naqvi has formally approved the remodeling, upkeep, and repair of four vital highways in Faisalabad.

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According to the information provided, Jhang Road, Sargodha Road, and Sammundri Road are three of the city’s main thoroughfares that will be renovated.

The Chief Minister presided over a meeting that was held at the Commissioner Complex in Faisalabad. He gave Commissioner Madam Silwat Saeed instructions to produce a thorough plan for the redesign of important roadways in Faisalabad within the coming days. Without further delay, it is intended to begin building on this important project.

The Chief Minister has also ordered the quick distribution of cash to hasten the upkeep and repair of city roadways. The goal of this programme is to prevent patchwork and hasten the standardisation of the city’s road system.

A coordinated effort was made to improve the road infrastructure in Faisalabad at the meeting, which was attended by the Chairman of the Planning and Development Board, Caretaker Provincial Minister for Information Amir Mir, and other important officials.

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