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MCI will digitalize parking fees in Islamabad

Islamabad: According to a news source on October 31, the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) has revealed intentions to digitize public parking rates throughout the federal capital.

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A public-private collaboration will be used to build the new parking management system, underlined an MCI official (name withheld). The complete system will be installed by a commercial business that will work on a revenue-sharing basis. Crucially, the current parking fees will remain unchanged, with MCI setting the current prices. As a result, parking for bikes will always cost PKR 30, while parking for cars will always cost PKR 50.

To help with this transition, the MCI has encouraged fintech and technology solution companies to submit expressions of interest. The project’s initial phase will concentrate on well-known sites like F-9 Park, Lake View, and the Centaurus Parking structure. This digital programme will also cover parking zones at Kohsar Market and G-9 Public Transport. Additionally, the parking costs for the two plazas in F-7 will be digitalized.


In the future, other parts of the city will be covered by the digitization initiative. Even though there was an auction for the collection of F-9 parking fees, no businesses showed interest, underscoring the particular difficulties involved in this change. The digitalization of public parking rates, a major step towards modernising Islamabad’s urban scene, is still something the MCI is dedicated to advancing.

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