Modifications to the LDA's Kareem Block Market Underpass

Modifications to the LDA’s Kareem Block Market Underpass

Modifications to the Kareem Block market underpass project envisioned by the LDA. The Lahore Development Authority (LDA), which is situated in Allama Iqbal Town, has altered the construction plan of the Kareem Block Underpass project. The primary reason is to avert the University of Punjab from acquiring land that it currently possesses.

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The design incorporates a new function for adding a barrel in the underpass. From Wahdat Road, the underpass will lead to the canal and Bhekewal Mor. Additionally, the authority would acquire an additional 3 kanal of land from the bank, bringing the project’s total cost to Rs 2.70 billion.

There are two options and one will be chosen. The first option is to construct an underpass that converts the intersection’s signal-free route into a signal-free route. Here, traffic from Multan Road to Bhekewal Road will be permitted.

The second alternative proposes the construction of a three-legged flyover to connect Multan Road to Canal Road and Bhekewal Mor.

Mr. Mazhar Hussain Khan, LDA chief, submits the final project, Concept-1 (PC-1), to the government for approval.

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