New Commercial Projects in Islamabad

New Commercial Projects in Islamabad 2021 – 2022

New Commercial Projects in Islamabad

Islamabad is the world’s second most gorgeous capital. This city has a variety of residents’ high-standard and exclusive existence. Another advantage of this city is its stunning beauty, which also integrates peaceful environment. In the last few seasons, Islamabad has seen a significant increase in population. As a consequence, many residential and commercial projects in Islamabad have begun to preserve the entire life cycle. Residents from far-flung and underdeveloped locations have started to migrate to the city to seek a better quality of living. Consequently, a slew of new commercial projects in Islamabad have sprung up to accommodate the inflow of people. The majority of these business projects appeal to high-end clients. Therefore, these high-end commercial projects add to Islamabad’s overall appeal. In the meantime, new retail malls are being built to meet the needs of the people of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Mall of Arabia

The Mall of Arabia is a one-of-a-kind business initiative. It’s an indoor commercial mall with an Arabic-themed design. The major goal of this wonderful mall is to honor our Arab heritage. The general architecture of the Mall of Arabia to be similar to Arabic culture patterns and styles. The Imarat Group of Companies is the project’s main developer. This company is a newcomer to the commercial projects in Islamabad scene. It has proven its worth by incorporating new and unusual ideas into each of its undertakings. Another amazing effort from the same creator is the Amazon Mall 1 and Amazon 2 series.

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Mall of Islamabad

The Islamabad Mall is a massive development in the centre of the city. It’s a mixed-use project with both business and residential buildings. Some of the real estate experts consider this project as potential top landmark due to its location in the economic powerhouse, Main Jinnah Avenue-Blue Area. It has immediate access from Nazim-Ud-Din Road and is close to the Blue Area Saudi Pak Towers and Pakistan Stock Exchange. It has shown strong market trends as a result of its strategic placement. The develoeprs have reserved seperate to accommodate the business and residential hub’s visitors’ automobiles. The construction work is progressing at a rapid speed, although no formal conclusion date has been set.

Elysium Tower

Elysium Tower is a business and housing development. It showcases opulent living flats, and a business arena and a high-end architecturally constructed structure. This initiative has the support of Oasis Developers. This company has already established a positive image in the marketplace. It is located in Islamabad’s Blue Area, which is the city’s business district, making it among the best new commercial projects in Islamabad. Except for two ground and two basement levels, this huge project will include 14 stories. The shopping mall is located on the floor level. Elysium Tower is home to a variety of branded stores that offer a wide range of products. In particular, the cafeteria will be a major draw.

Majestic Mall

Majestic Mall is a wholly commercial initiative in Islamabad’s capital. This mall, among others, has large halls and spacious stores. Majestic Mall is one of the top ventures on the ranking of potential investment opportunities. It was created by the Ajaib Group, which is now working on several commercial and residential developments. Majestic Mall, located in the surroundings of B-17 MPCHS, intends to attract many people due to its attractive architecture. This 5-story skyscraper is noted for being a 100% commercial construct that also offers gourmet specialties.

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Mall of Islamabad F-11

The Islamabad Mall is a legitimate commercial project. It is a western-style commercial centre with over 100 brands in one location. Zahir Khan & Brothers (ZKB) are the owners of this commercial project. The Mall of Islamabad, or MOI, is a shopping mall in Islamabad’s F-11 district. Owing to its sophisticated design and good location, Islamabad Mall is on the rise. The first half of the total due is due as a deposit, with the remaining balance due in four instalments.

The Shopping Mall by S.A. Property

The shopping mall (TSM), a new business endeavour, is located in the tranquil and serene city of Islamabad. It would satisfy both retail and leisure needs in a specific project. TSM is a collaborative effort between S.A. and A.K. properties. TSM is situated in Islamabad’s F-11 Markaz. Several worldwide businesses and trademarks have branches and offices there. It also aspires to be one of the top commercial projects in the world. This is one of the most modern and state-of-the-art and new commercial projects in Islamabad, with capsule lifts, escalators, and a centrally air-conditioned architecture.

Gulberg Emporium Mall & Residency

Gulberg Emporium Mall & Residency is a luxurious development that includes retail stores, residences, and corporate facilities. It is Al-Ghani Group’s latest high-end and aesthetic-driven project. For inhabitants of Gulberg Greens and the surrounding areas, it is a dream business complex. Gulberg Emporium Mall & Residency is located on Gulberg Expressway’s major road. Currently, the business sector will be found on the ground floor. Therefore, it would be a fantastic addition to Capital & Gulberg Greens’ existing business initiatives.

D Mall

D Mall, sometimes known as Defense Mall, is a legitimate business enterprise. It has a luxurious and elegant structure. Al-Ghurair Giga is the brains behind this technically advanced initiative. Hundreds of domestic and international brands are available making it a great new commercial projects in Islamabad. It is located in G.T. Road, DHA Phase-2, directly across from the Giga Mall. Six levels have been set aside exclusively for this commercial projects in Islamabad. Domestic and international brands are featured in big retail establishments. There are also well-known and popular eateries, a children’s play area, and other recreational amusement locations.


All of these new commercial projects in Islamabad are doing well in the difficult real estate market. These commercial project have got the huge appreciation from the citizens and visitors who come to Islamabad for vacations. If you haven’t been to any of these yet, you should! Estate Land believes in delivering the best in all facets of real estate, because you deserve no less.

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