Next month, the Kalma Chowk access road will undergo renovations

Next month, the Kalma Chowk access road will undergo renovations

In order to guarantee signal-free access to the Central Business District by the end of next month, the Punjab Central Business District Development Authority (PCBDDA) is hoping to start building on the Kalma Chowk Remodeling project, a news source said on October 17.

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According to the specifics, the planning for starting construction is progressing steadily. The National Logistics Cell has been given the PKR 5 billion construction contract for the Kalma Chowk Remodeling Project (NLC). After passing through the underpass at the Kalma crossroads, the aforementioned project will have two underpasses. The CBD, Walton, and Ali Zaib Road will be accessible without a signal thanks to this.

According to the news source, the project would begin at Kalma Chowk Underpass, which will be separated from the first underpass entrance to the Lahore Central Business District. While turning from Centre Point towards Firdous Market, another underpass will be built. In addition to this, the project will include a number of related at-grade construction projects on Gulberg Main Boulevard. Underground drainage and sewerage systems will also be renovated as part of this project.

The said initiative will result in the Gulberg Main Boulevard becoming a signal-free corridor. It was revealed that this project also includes the building of CBD Boulevard. Within ten months, the Kalma Chowk Remodeling Project is anticipated to be finished.

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