Pakistan and China discuss smart city development

Pakistan and China discuss smart city development

BEIJING: A Pakistani team, led by Muhammad Imran Masood, a member of the Board of Investment (BOI), and Faisal Saleem, a senator for the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), visited the Anlu International Technology Company in Beijing. The group had a lengthy conversation about the development of smart cities in Pakistan with the company’s chairman.

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“Our company is one of the first Chinese businesses to enter the worldwide market for smart cities. We have offered services to more than 30 nations and areas as a result of the Belt and Road Initiative, according to Beijing Anlu Chairman Liu Quanjun.

The organisation additionally took part in the development of the Peshawar BRT Project and the Lahore Safe City Project, which improved its knowledge of Pakistan’s current state and market need.

Liu went on to say that he thought there was a lot of room for cooperation between China and Pakistan in the development of smart cities and smart transportation.

“We appreciate Beijing Anlu’s contribution to Pakistan’s ‘informatisation’ construction, and welcome more and more Chinese companies to participate in building the safe city, intelligent transport, and smart campuses in Pakistan,” Saleem remarked at the conference.

He continued, “We also want to invite Beijing Anlu to establish relationships with Pakistani universities to foster industry-university-research collaboration.

The two sides also discussed the issues and solutions related to smart city development and modern government in Pakistan.

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