Park View City Islamabad Executive block

Park View City Islamabad Executive block

Park View City’s owners recently revealed the launch of an executive block in Park View City, Islamabad. In this post, we will address all of your questions about executive plots and another entryway to the society that will be a game-changer for the inhabitants of this block and the entire community. The executive plots are a terrific find for anyone looking for a piece of land in a strategic place in the city. These plots have been taken control of and are ready for construction.

Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad is a lovely home complex with plenty of comforts and amenities. It’s a well-designed residential neighborhood where you can live in safety and security. This society is the first to be built in the vicinity of Bahria Enclave, and it offers both housing units and villas. Park View Housing Authority is a lovely area that sells plots and provides the best amenities for you to live your life.

This community is made up of multiple different blocks. Blocks A and B, on the other hand, are fully developed and have plots with possession. Furthermore, the newest addition at PVC is rapidly evolving. The Vision Group designed Park View City with modern architecture and innovation. Mr Aleem Khan, who also is a part of the PTI, owns the Vision Group. This development has established to become Islamabad’s most sought-after housing society.

Executive Block 5 Marla Plot

Park View City presents this modern executive block with lush green surroundings for sale as part of its housing scheme. For the buyer’s benefit, the sector is currently selling 5 Marla plots for easy instalments. As previously stated, this CDA-approved civilization is organized into several blocks ranging from A to H. Plots of various sizes are offered at diverse, competitive, and still cheap costs. At a selection of flats and plots, good living standards are guaranteed. Park View City is a faultless housing society with unrivalled amenities and an ideal vision. This block of the community is designed with a distinct perspective and function in mind to give an exhilarating living experience for its people.

The executive plots are a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in owning a piece of property in a prime location in the community. Well, this goes for many other blocks of the society including Hills Estate Block, Golf Estate, and more. 

It is one of Park City View Islamabad’s most notable newly added blocks. The developers introduced this block to the venture to fulfil the needs of the developers’ elite clients. Investors can reserve 5 Marla plots for a three-year payment plan. This block, situated along Margalla Road, is the most notable and superior of all the others. For Pakistanis, there are not only excellent residential prospects but also significant economic and commercial chances.

Point of Access

It is an excellent position in Islamabad, with a beautiful and serene environment and rapid access to the highway. Because of the current building, the land’s future worth and value are considered. It’s a fantastic and once-in-a-lifetime prospect for buyers & investors. All of the necessities of daily life living and advanced facilities are close by; nonetheless, it is a tranquil setting. This society is a paragon of luxury and serenity. Because of the direct entrance off Margalla Road, this block is reasonably accessible to both residents and visitors.


This complex offers everything you need, from electricity to drainage and 24-hour security. A mosque is also close by, as is a well-known school, so there’s no reason to delay any further to reserve your plot in a peaceful, secure, and famous guarded society and begin construction on the home of your desires before the community runs out of properties. Apart from the lovely setting, the executive block of Park View City investment is just incredible in every aspect of it. Meets the needs of everyone in society. The following amenities will be in the block’s design:

  • Electricity, gas, and water are all available 24 hours a day.
  • A cutting-edge trash disposal system
  • Security cameras, guards, and movement sensors
  • Parks, playgrounds, and lushly landscaped green spaces
  • Restaurants, shopping malls, and entertainment centres
  • Complex for sports
  • Health clinics and educational institutions

Payment Plans

Regardless of the fact that the pricing of plots in this society is seen as slightly greater than other residential properties such as Capital Smart City, it is unquestionably lower than societies in Islamabad’s CDA sectors such as B-17 and ICHS will undoubtedly be worth the expense. The reservation of a 5-Marla residential plot at Park View Housing Society begins with a 10% down payment, with the remaining balance due in equal quarterly instalments over a 2.5-year period.

Park View City Islamabad Executive block 5 Marla payment plan

A 5 Marla residential land price is 5,500,000 rupees, with a 10% down payment of 550,000 rupees required. You can settle the remaining balance over a 2.5-year term in equal instalments, which is a bargain for investors and those who want to live in PVC’s executive block. This block’s location is advantageous, and the project’s pricing is significantly lower.

Pros & Cons

Well, there are many pros of all the blocks within the society by the Park View City developers. So, here we go.


  • Ideally situated
  • There are no legal concerns about the NOC or licences.
  • Developers you can trust
  • All essential and modern conveniences are available.
  • A calm environment
  • No-pollution zone
  • Outstanding return on investment
  • Rapid development is taking place.
  • With its power plant, the community will be a load-shedding-free zone.


  • Prices are thought to be higher
  • Perception of a far-away land


Park View City is a captivating housing project that will benefit both residents and investors in the long run. Park View City Islamabad Executive Block is the most recent addition to this prestigious housing project, designed to provide Pakistanis living in the country with a comfortable lifestyle. The Executive Block will be completed soon as part of the grand project and meet all international housing standards. Real estate planners created the block to give Pakistanis a fantastic living experience by including current technologies and amenities. It is an excellent investment opportunity for Pakistanis. The Executive Block at Park View City offers opulent living and a diverse range of commercial prospects. Due to the availability of high-standard facilities, the residences in this block is value-added and extremely popular.  Estate Land Marketing experts can predict the future of this block based on the trend witnessed in the Executive Blocks. 

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