Is Park View City Islamabad legal?

Is Park View City Islamabad legal?

Park View City is one of the best real estate projects that aims to appeal to real estate investors in Islamabad due to its innovative nature. This housing project has been successful in getting attention from some businessmen. This housing project has the potential to change the landscape of the federal capital of Islamabad. Park View City Legal status shows that the government authorities have huge trust in the developers of this project. The developers are going to prove their worth with this housing project. This project would be a good example of charm and an innovative living lifestyle. It would help real estate investors to make their dream of having a luxurious house with a beautiful view come true.

Location & Map

The entire housing project is located at the heart of Islamabad near Serena Hotel, and Convention Center. One can easily reach here by passing through Chak Shahzad. The important aspect of the location of this housing project is that it is surrounded all over by lush green Margalla Hills. Another reachable point towards this housing project is Kashmir Highway through Jinnah Avenue and Park Road. Its nearness to Serena Hotel, and Lake View Park increases its value, as the residents of Islamabad like this particular location.  Each of the Park View City Investment all its blocks has a wonderful location, and the residents would have the luxury of enjoying a serene environment.

Owners & Developers

The developers who have envisioned such an outclass housing project are the Vision Group, which are one of the famous entity in the construction business. The owner of this group is Mr Aleem Khan, who is a former politician and a famous businessman.  Since 1012, Vision Group has achieved some huge success. Within a short span of time, the entire company has established itself as the most reliable brand in Islamabad. Park View City Developers have submitted all the necessary files to ensure that Park View City Legal Status is evident in front of investors. The legal status also guarantees that there is no corruption involved in the development of this project. They have recruited skilled designers, and architects while developing this project.

Park View City Legal

For Park View City Legal Status, its developers have successfully received the no objection certificate from the Capital Development Authority. The legal approval of this housing project would not only increase its importance but also help in getting more investments. The real estate investors of this project would become more confident of their money into this project. The project got approval around a few years ago, and its details are available on its website. The developers have negotiated with the governmental authorities for many years for the legal approval of this project. The recent approval of Park View City J Block had helped in getting more of the real estate investment in this housing block.


Park View City is the best place to reside, and it offers some best housing lifestyles to investors. Park View City Legal status has increased its importance further, as the investors have begun booking plots for themselves. Every venture within this housing project is gaining more attraction from real estate experts. The owners of this project are facilitating the investors themselves in looking for the best spot. That spot might be helpful for investors in building a dream home for themselves. The investors must not worry about any problems in this project, as it got legal approval from the government.

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