Park View City vs Saffron City: Best investment opportunity in Islamabad

Park View City vs Saffron City: Best investment opportunity in Islamabad

The real estate sector of Islamabad is one of the most vital business segments of the city. Both, Park View City and Saffron City Rawalpindi are upcoming housing projects of twin cities that have gained popularity. These housing projects have world-class facilities that would make the living lifestyle perfect. Both these projects also offer lucrative profits due to their reasonable payment plans. The sole purpose of developing these housing projects is to cater to the residential needs of residents of the twin cities. Park View City investment vs. Saffron City is the question that comes into the minds of real estate investors before making investments. However, it also helps the investors in coming up with a rational decision with regard to their real estate investment.

Park View City vs. Saffron City

For several investment reasons and opportunities both housing have a lot to offer to its prospective residents and investors. Here are a few of them.

Invest in Park View City

Park View City is one of the under-construction housing projects in Islamabad that aims to provide the best living lifestyle. This housing project comes under Vision Group, whose owner is Mr Aleem Khan. He is also a famous politician and a businessman, with a good reputation among the people of Islamabad. This housing project is located at Zone IV Islamabad near Malot Road. The amazing part about the project’s location is that it is near to lush green landscape of Bani Gala. The owners would have the facility to enjoy the beauty and other world-class facilities in this housing project. Some of the important dining spots like Islamabad Club and Serena Hotel are only a few minutes away from it. Park View City vs. Saffron City also depends upon the location factor of this housing project.

Invest in Saffron City Rawalpindi

Saffron City Rawalpindi is another newest housing project in Rawalpindi that aims to bring a positive change in Rawalpindi’s real estate business. This housing project involves state-of-the-art facilities, which distinguishes it from other housing projects in Rawalpindi. This real estate project would be easily locatable at the main GT Road near Rawat, a gateway to twin cities. Other than that, some of the popular projects like Giga Mall, or Florence Galleria would be only a few minutes away from it. The developers of this project are Saadullah Khan and Brothers, and Dubai-based real estate developers named Malik Hashim. This housing project would also be near to construction of Rawalpindi Ring Road, which would make it nearer to Islamabad.  Park View City vs. Saffron City also relies highly on the reputation of respective developers.

Park View City vs. Saffron City: The Better Project

When we talk about Park View City vs. Saffron City, a lot of real estate experts believe that Park View City is the better project. The only reason behind its preference among real estate experts is its beautiful location and reputable developers. Park View City Developers are working hard to ensure proper maintenance and world-class development of this project. They are willing to provide a unique housing facility to the real estate investors of Islamabad. Many of the housing investors have already begun booking plots for themselves in this housing project.

The owners have been successful in getting valid NOC, which further increased the confidence of real estate investors. The entire project spreads over more than 1000 Kanals of land area and is surrounded by green hills. As per the latest news, half of the construction work of this project is complete.


Park View City vs. Saffron City is somewhat the preference of real estate investors and their bank balances. Both these housing projects have the capability to change the map of twin cities due to their world-class structure. However, Park View City is ahead in terms of real estate investment due to its charming location. The investors have begun buying plots for themselves in this housing project. For more knowledge about this housing project, please visit the official website of Estate Land Marketing. We have proficient real estate marketing negotiators who are eagerly waiting to guide the clients.


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