Peshawar Real Estate Market Trends in 2021 , market analysis and forecast

Peshawar Real Estate Market Trends 2021

Peshawar Real Estate Market Trends 2021

Over the last few months, the Peshawar real estate market trends in 2021 have shown stable market patterns. The most popular location among plot buyers has been Regi Model Town. Hayatabad & DHA Defence are the next two. The town of flowers is presently blooming with competitive market patterns. These have resurfaced, and market activity is fast expanding in areas where significant infrastructure improvements occur. The real estate in this metropolis is improving in a variety of ways. The industry for all things real estate is making progress, thanks to new developments and growing buyer interest.

Let’s take a look at the general property market in Pakistan for 2020 and 2021 before moving on to Peshawar real estate market trends:

Real Estate Market in 2020:

For Pakistan’s housing sector, last year (2020) was indeed a game-changer. It began with a significant crash, but it concluded with a slew of rewards for everyone engaged in the industry. The amnesty policy, PM Imran Khan’s construction assistance package, and new laws for the selling and acquiring property have all had a favorable impact, mainly on the country’s real estate showing stable real estate market trends. All of the government’s packages were proven to be beneficial to Pakistan’s property market. However, since the government announced that people might build projects and residences without identifying their source of income, property costs have jumped by 20% to 30%. Property values have risen like a rocket as a result of this development relief program. But, in total, Pakistan’s real estate market had a compact year.

Real Estate Market in 2021:

Considering the political instability surrounding the country’s real estate market in 2020, we anticipate that investment growth would occur in the years ahead. Mainly when numerous projects underway across the country alter real estate prices until they are completed. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a continuing road network that would facilitate trade between the two nations by providing a direct route from Gwadar port to China’s Xinjiang city. China and Pakistan are both involved in these projects. Once they complete the project, Chinese investments in the economy, notably in the housing sector, will expand opportunities as an increasing number of Chinese individuals desire to reside closer to their managers in Gwadar and the adjacent areas. The CPEC has the potential to attract massive foreign investment, which will stabilize the real estate market trends.

Peshawar Real Estate Market Trends:

Buyers & investors in the area are looking at both old and new developments, as per experts. We’ve noticed that both investors & buyers are active in the market, and there appears to be more active than ever before since the last elections. This is leaving a favorable aspect on the Peshawar real estate market trends. We’ve also noticed that the industry for 5-marla plots has gotten a lot of interest both for Regi Model Town & DHA areas. Individuals are buying faster than in the previous few months when there was little activity. Zone 3 has gained traction in Regi Model Town, as that has long been the chosen site for most homebuyers. Blocks A & B are surpassing others in DHA Defence, and rates have jumped by PKR 100,000-200,000.

However, some local realtors disagree, believing that DHA isn’t performing as well as Regi Model Town or Hayatabad. They feel the latter two are the most popular developments among locals, whereas DHA is drawing more international investors. When it comes to the sector for DHA Defence, the top recognized names for most purchasers and investors in Pakistan feel that the project would be successful in the long run. Costs for plot files in DHA have decreased in the last six months, but they have climbed by 25% in Hayatabad & Regi Model Town, despite the country’s overall real estate market remaining constant.

Major Developments:

Real estate is a business that relies significantly on visible progress, not just within developments but also outside of them. Peshawar real estate market is experiencing significant infrastructural changes that will transform city life as we see it. The property market is likely to rise sharply as a result of these developments. Experts forecast that the Ring Road development will be completed in 1-2 years, at which point we expect Regi Model Town property prices to surge. The Northern Bypass of the freeway is also adjacent to Regi Model Town, as well as the two major highways of the city will give inhabitants the best access.

People will eventually gravitate towards this property if there is more visible growth in DHA, which will positively impact the property market of Peshawar. However, just files are now being swapped, and it will be some time before they fully finalize things, making it difficult for agents & developers to estimate how long it will take. Because of this fresh surge of optimism, Peshawar’s real estate market has gained momentum, and real estate specialists think that the market will be flooded with more investors and purchasers in the following weeks.


Peshawar’s real estate market trends are looking excellent. Local and international investors show involvement in the Pakistani property market. Numerous residential and industrial complexes are springing up throughout the country, providing exceptional investment prospects. These properties are legal, and several of them have repayment arrangements that are appealing to investors.

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