Plastic in road construction educates Lahore District Commissioner

Plastic in road construction educates Lahore District Commissioner

Lahore District Commissioner educated on the use of plastic in road construction. Umer Shah Chattha, Lahore’s Deputy Commissioner (DC), presided over a meeting on January 1 to explore the usage of plastic in the construction of municipal roadways.

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The district administration is reportedly planning to undertake a pilot project to construct a one-kilometer stretch of plastic road. The district government invited Dr. Waqas Cheema of Islamabad to give a presentation on the development of plastic roadways.

Eight different types of plastic will be utilised to construct roadways, according to Dr. Cheema. Plastic will be cleaned and dried prior to being ground into powder for the construction tasks discussed previously. After being combined with charcoal, the powder will be used in the road construction process.

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Additionally, it was reported that 5 tonnes of plastic will be used to construct the road. Additionally, it was reported that 5% of plastic and 95% of charcoal will be used in building.

It’s worth mentioning that the LDA indicated earlier this week that plastic would be used to reconstruct the Ferozepur road. This will be Lahore’s first plastic road.

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