PR executive has a strategy to make you love trains again

PR executive has a strategy to make you love trains again

PR executive has a strategy to make you love trains again. Zafar Zaman Ranjha, the new CEO of Pakistan Railways, said on Sunday that the department’s revenue can be significantly increased through hard work, the elimination of corruption, and new projects.

In an interview with The Express Tribune after taking office, the official said that the hard work and honesty of the people who work for an organization is what makes it grow and succeed. It was important for everyone in the department to do their job in order to cut down on the department’s money problems, he told us.

He said, “Workers can do a lot of hard work, and the way they worked all day and all night to keep the department going can’t be forgotten.”

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Ranjha said that passenger trains would be run with the help of the private sector so that passengers would have enough room to travel. These trains will have good bedding and entertainment options, as well as better food and drinks.

That’s not all, he said. The department would also help businesses get their goods to them on time through freight and container trains.

The new CEO said that the railway workers were the heart and soul of the department, and that through their hard work, the department’s revenue will rise. He said that the department would give promotions to people who worked hard. He also said that more “positive steps” could be taken to cut the department’s budget deficit.

Ranjha said that new workers will be hired to deal with a lack of staff. In the beginning, he said, people will be hired in technical areas to make sure that rail services run smoothly. He also said that more trains will be going from Islamabad to Istanbul, and the time it takes to get there will be shorter.

The CEO said that the old signals would be replaced with computerised signals, which will not only make the trains run better, but also help avoid accidents.

In addition, he said that no one would be allowed to live on the land of the railroads. People who break the law will be punished by law.

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