Projects to be completed on time in Baluchistan: CM

Projects to be completed on time in Baluchistan: CM

Projects to be completed on time in Baluchistan. On Tuesday, a high-level meeting chaired by Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Alyani examined various project approvals, authorization, and disbursement from relevant forums.

He updated the committee on new and ongoing public sector development initiatives, which were presented by Hafiz Abdul Basit, Additional Chief Secretary for Planning and Development (PSDP). According to him, the current PSDP comprises 2,286 new development projects and 1,525 ongoing development activities. He made a total of 184 presentations of flagship projects.

New plans for the current financial year include 155 PDWPs and 2,131 DSC development programs. The meeting was informed about new departmental development programs. Forums for approving new development projects should convene regularly.

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Chief Minister Alyani urged staff to complete new project preliminary work by September 30. He stated all initiatives were vital and should be finished on time. “Government structures should be designed with care,” the chief minister remarked. He urged speeding up ongoing development projects. “We will achieve socio-economic growth by building highways throughout the province,” he stated.

PDWPs and DSC development programs are among the new initiatives planned for the current fiscal year, totaling 155. Information shared with the group on new departmental development programs. New development projects should be approved promptly by forums that meet regularly.

Participants included provincial ministers Mir Zahoor Ahmed Buledi, Abdul Khaliq Hazara, Noor Mohammad Dummar, department secretaries, and a director of public relations.

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