PTI legislators in Pindi amass cash prior to the local government elections

PTI legislators in Pindi amass cash prior to the local government elections

PTI Pindi legislators acquire cash before LG polls. According to PTI members of the national and provincial assemblies, the Punjab local government department has set aside Rs1.91 billion for development projects in Rawalpindi. This is in preparation for the local government elections that will be held soon.

Development funds have not been given to the districts of opposition party members, like MNA Raja Pervez Ashraf’s in Gujar Khan and Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan’s in Gujar Khan.

PTI National Assembly Member Amir Mehmood Kayani, MPA Umar Tanvir Butt and Provincial Law Minister Muhammad Basharat Raja and MPA Malik Timur Masood Khan have also been given money to help them get better.

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People in the Rawalpindi division of Pakistan’s Punjab province are getting help with development projects in seven National Assembly seats and 15 Punjab Assembly seats.

NA-58 Gujjar Khan: Chaudhry Muhammad Azeem, who was defeated by Raja Pervez Ashraf in the last general election, has been asked to propose development schemes worth Rs 54.71 million. PP-10: A defeated PTI ticket holder has been asked to propose development schemes worth Rs 54.71 million in this district.

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Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has been given Rs192.55 million for development projects in the National Assembly. In the Punjab Assembly, Provincial Minister Raja Rashid Hafeez from PP-16 and Ejaz Khan Jazi from PP-18 have been asked to come up with development projects worth Rs192.55 million.

It’s because their districts have been added to the Rawalpindi metropolitan corporation that they get more money for development. Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, Ejaz Khan Jazi, and Rashid Hafeez are all getting more money.

All of the PTI MNAs in NA-57 Murree have been given money, as well as the federal minister in NA-59 Rawalpindi, Ghulam Sarwar Khan. In NA-60 Rawalpindi City, PTI MNA Sheikh Rashid Shafiq has been given Rs126.39 million, while Mansoor Hayat Khan from NA-63 Taxila has been given Rs96.06 million.

A lot of money has been given to candidates in PP-6 Murree, PP-7 Kahuta, and PP-8 Gujar Khan. In PP-9 Gujar Khan, Chaudhry Sajid Mahmood was given 54.71 million, and Wasiq Qayyum Abbasi was given Rs176.01 million in PP-12.

There are four provincial ministers who get money from the government: Raja Rashid Hafeez, Fayyaz Al Hassan Chauhan, Ijaz Khan Jazi, and Ammar Siddique Khan get money from the government in PP-16, PP-17, PP18 and PP-19. In each of these years the money is divided up between the four.

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