Punjab proposes to oversee the master plan of Rawalpindi

Punjab proposes to oversee the master plan of Rawalpindi

Punjab proposes to oversee the master plan of Rawalpindi. As the Punjab government recognizes the need to revamp Rawalpindi’s master plan, the commissioner’s office will house the Strategic Planning Unit.

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) started rewriting the master plan but ran out of capacity.

It was created in 1968 when Rawalpindi became the interim federal capital. Abandoned the offices after the government offices moved to Islamabad. A board of authorities created a new master plan for the period 1996-2016.

However, because the two cities were interconnected and their administrations had boundary conflicts, the Punjab government felt compelled to revise the garrison city’s master plan at the same time as the CDA’s.

Urban sprawl converted villages into cities, commissioner claims. According to a senior district official, housing societies have reduced green areas in Rawalpindi.

Rawalpindi has lost its green regions in the previous 20 years due to development initiatives compressing agricultural lands. The law required a greenbelt around the city to prevent pollution. Still, legal and illegal housing societies seized agricultural fields, he said, adding that the RDA failed to monitor the housing societies.

Green areas, as well as residential, commercial, and industrial regions, need to be streamlined. According to the source, the RDA, cantonment boards, Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation, district administration, housing, and planning departments are involved in city growth and building management.

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All of these agencies have their own rules, work without central coordination or even direction. According to Rawalpindi Commissioner Gulzar Hussain Shah, the Punjab Land Rules 2020 preserve agricultural land and lush plots in keeping with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision. He stated a Strategic Planning Unit in the commissioner’s office to work on Rawalpindi’s master plan.

Rawalpindi’s mega-projects will be scrutinized for compliance with federal and provincial rules.

Meanwhile, the commissioner reviewed progress on the Punjab Land Rules 2020 master plan and urban development. All deputy commissioners of the Rawalpindi Division and other authorities were present. To stop urban sprawl, Commissioner Gulzar Hussain Shah stated long-term and short-term planning was being done.

He stated the ordinance would prevent building houses on agricultural property and encourage vertical construction within city bounds, with modernized traffic, sewerage, and water supply infrastructure.

He added that a monthly examination of Rawalpindi’s population growth would benefit future urban development strategies over the last eight years. Would develop Dera Rawalpindi Tehsil site development zones, and regular urban development planning will be done by delineating urban boundaries.

He stated that tight cooperation between Rawalpindi Metropolitan Corporation, Rawalpindi Development Authority, Local Government and Community Development, and Rawalpindi and Chaklala cantonment boards was required for urban development Rawalpindi to go smoothly.

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