RDA will retain an outside expert for Ring Road route validation

RDA will retain an outside expert for Ring Road route validation

Rawalpindi: On September 18, news sources said that the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) had asked private firms with a good reputation around the world to apply to do a third-party validation of two proposed routes for the Rawalpindi Ring Road.

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The company will look at the project’s feasibility, economic viability, and business side. In this case, the authority held a pre-bid conference to answer questions from all parties involved. During the meeting, it was said that the Punjab government has decided to hire a consulting firm to work on the project in two phases: Phase I will figure out the best route and economic corridor, and Phase II will create a detailed plan for land use along the road’s third-party validated alignment. The government has already set aside PKR 90 million to make sure the process goes well. Phase I will get PKR 30 million, and Phase II will get PKR 60 million.

At the time, RDA Chief Engineer Dr. Habib Randhawa said that the final mega road infrastructure project will have the following parts:

  • Economic zone
  • Industrial units
  • Zones for education and health
  • Places for recreation
  • Downtown business areas (CBD)
  • Fun parks
  • High-rise building zones
  • There are commercial markets and bus and truck stops.

It is important to know that the project is one of five listed for international foreign direct investment and is part of the government’s plans to improve infrastructure. The Parco Coastal Refinery Phase-I oil import terminal, the Kharian-Rawalpindi Motorway, the Karachi Circular Railway, and the Thar Block-II railway network link are some of the other projects on the list.

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