Real Estate Registration in Pakistan

Real Estate Registration in Pakistan

Real Estate Registration in Pakistan

What is the definition of real estate?

Property is dealt with in the real estate industry. It is a business that involves the sale and purchase of real estate. It is due to this business that the cities have grown significantly. Each country follows its own set of laws and regulations, which is how the real estate sector differs from one country to the next.

According to the government, the real estate industry in Pakistan is quickly growing. In this area, civil engineers, architects, and a variety of other abilities are necessary. The emergence of extravagant societies is one of the most visible signs that Pakistan is advancing in this field.

Property advisors, real estate agents, and property dealers are all terms used in Pakistan to describe professionals who work for real estate organizations. Real estate registration in Pakistan is governed by a set of rules that everyone must follow.

Real estate registration requirements in Pakistan

As previously said, real estate laws range from country to nation, and Pakistan has its own set of standards in this regard. Before carrying out its activities, a real estate business in Pakistan is necessary to be registered. People who work in critical positions can obtain a certificate from the appropriate authorities.

In Pakistan, the real estate business is the economy’s backbone. To register a corporation in Pakistan, it must have a hierarchy that includes:

  1. At least two directors are required.
  2. There must be at least two shareholders.
  3. A capital sum of Rs. 1 Lac is permissible.
  4. As a workstation, there must be a physically existing infrastructure.
  5. ID card copies of designated directors are required.

Procedure of real estate registration in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there is a procedure for registering real estate. The stages that must be taken by a real estate firm in Pakistan are as follows:

  • The company’s designated directors are required to obtain their SECP login credentials. This will request their contact information as well as some background information.
  • The authorities will then examine the company’s name. SECP will check to see if the company’s chosen name is available.
  • The third step is to submit an application for company formation. The form must be filled on behalf of the company’s information, such as its office location, linked persons, capital information, and so on. This document must be presented with the following four documents:
  1. The designated directors’ national identification cards.
  2. Articles of incorporation.
  3. SECP receives a letter stating that a name is available.
  4. Association Memorandum.
  • The key step after completing these stages is to submit an application to the SECP office for the issuance of the company’s “registration certificate.” This will necessitate the payment of the registration cost.
  • The Registrar may then specify the amount of time needed to complete the “incorporation certificate.” Following the issuing of the incorporation certificate, the company is required following documents:
  1. Open a business bank account . This account should be kept with a commercial bank.
  2. The amount of paid-up capital is to be put in the bank account of the authorized director.
  3. The auditor may then issue an approval form for depositing the paid-up capital amount.
  4. This consent must be provided to SECP’s office.
  • Finally, the business might approach the Federal Board of Revenue. The corporation can get itself registered for taxes such as:
  1. Income tax registration at the Regional Taxation Office.
  2. Registration for sales tax.
  • The approach outlined above is a step-by-step guide for any organization interested in working in Pakistan’s real estate business. In general, Pakistan’s real estate business is valued at roughly $4 billion, with construction output accounting for about 2% of the country’s entire GDP.


In Pakistan, real estate businesses account for a large portion of the GDP. As previously said, real estate registration in Pakistan is a simple process, and every real estate firm that wants to operate legally must first register. It is also to avoid future consequences that may arise as a result of illegal activities. 

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