Reasons to Invest in 1947 Housing


1947 Housing  Islamabad is an upcoming housing project in Islamabad that aims to provide the best lifestyle to its investors. The important factor about this housing project is that it has a unique masterplan with some of the world class facilities. Moreover, its payment plan is also reasonable, as it encourages every type of investor to invest in this project. Another interesting factor of this housing project is that it is ranked among the top ten housing societies in Pakistan.

Reasons to Invest in 1947 Housing Society

Ideal Location

It is very important to consider location factor, when you invest in 1947 Housing Society. The location has a significant impact on the rates of any housing project. The housing projects with an ideal location play an important role in attracting investors to the complex. It is close to several housing projects like the Capital Smart City, Blue World City Islamabad, Nova City, and Silver City Islamabad. So, the location makes this housing society a valuable real estate asset.

NOC Approval

The no-objection certificate is the official file that highlights the legality of any real estate project. Moreover, the developers of this project are working to legalize the entire project. As per the sources, they are about to receive the No Objection Certificate from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) very soon. It is known fact that legal housing projects result in timely completion. At last, the NOC approved housing projects gain the trust and confidence of the investors and the future residents.

Affordable Payment Plan

Apart from its ideal location and world class characteristics, its payment plan is the reason to Invest in 1947 Housing Society.  This housing project offers an affordable payment plan designed for its precious real estate investors. Prices of the plots are also an important factors that all investors consider before investing in any housing project. Moreover, the developers of this project want to offer the world class living experience to their investors and future residents. Payment plans have an important role in the real estate industry. In a nutshell, an affordable payment plan is a secret to appeal of the housing project. It gives investment opportunities available to every type of people, including those earning the minimum wage

Best Master Plan

Several plots available in this housing project encourage the investors to invest as per their needs. Moreover, a lot of commercial properties are ready for investment. Furthermore, different sizes are available to meet the need of the investors.

Grand Mosque

The Mosque is not simply a building; it plays an important part in the lives of Muslim community. It reminds them of their his faith and belief every time they see it. Whenever, they hear the sound of prayers coming from the Mosque, they imagine that God is inviting them in to pray. In a nutshell, mosques have a huge influence in the lives of muslim believers, which is why the developers have included the huge Jamia mosque in the Masterplan of 1947 Housing Islamabad. They want their residents to remain faithful to their religion and pray five times a day at a mosque.

Eco-Friendly Society

The developers of 1947 Housing Society have planned to follow the urban town planning standards. Moreover, it enable less waste and an eco friendly development approach. Furthermore, the developers are also doing plantation drives to guarantee a healthy and peaceful environment for their residents.

Gated Society

Security is an important factor for all investors, as it ensures sustainable living standards. Moreover, the developers would install24/7 CCTV cameras to monitor all the activities within the housing project. Furthermore, the security guards would also be deployed to mitigate any inconvenience within the housing project.

World Class Architecture

Who doesn’t like to witness a beautiful area that is magnificently endowed with a tranquil ambience blended with a heated air? The 1947 Housing Society is comprised of the finest Masterplan with visually pleasing architecture. Structures are being developed with specialist skills and cutting-edge equipment to achieve a high match performance at the end.

Better Infrastructure

This housing project has a better quality infrastructure that guarantees a high living standard for all the residents at the affordable rates. Moreover, the high-quality infrastructure serves as a bridge for business opportunities. Therefore, investing in this housing project would bring more monetary benefits.


The housing project is one of the ideal real estate projects in the surrounding of the capital city. Moreover, its location is easily accessible and close to some of the important sites. Furthermore, the master plan includes several facilities that guarantee a high-class living standards for all future residents and investors. Apart from that, the payment plan of this housing project comes with the affordability factor alongside the provision of an easy instalment plan. Currently, several properties are available for booking. The developers are fulfilling the living need of the investors and the residents. For more details about this housing project, you should visit the office of Estate Land Marketing

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