Residents oppose the unlawful occupation of land

Residents oppose the unlawful occupation of land

Residents of the Pambala region of Khanpur have lodged complaints with the police and the district administration regarding an alleged attempt to unlawfully occupy Water and Development Authority (Wapda) property.

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Sources claim that influential members of the land mafia destroyed a cricket field owned by Wapda, which featured a cement surface, by ploughing the land prior to sowing wheat.

The members of the land syndicate disregarded the efforts of the locals and cricket players to halt them, which prompted the players and residents of the area to protest the incident.

Locals told The Express Tribune that on the very first day the ground was tilled, they notified the Khanpur Police Station, the Khanpur Assistant Commissioner’s office, and the finance department.

According to them, the Khanpur AC was informed of the incident and requested that the concerned patwari and Wapda officials visit the location to determine whether or not the land belonged to Wapda. They claimed that despite the patwari’s daytime identification of Wapda’s land, the influential individuals continued to till the area at night in preparation for wheat cultivation.

A substantial assembly comprising municipal representatives and local residents convened with the Khanpur DSP, the assistant commissioner, and the former WAPDA to apprise them of the occurrence. Among the notables in the delegation were the chairman of the village council and a councillor from Kisan.

However, a surge of joy ensued among the local populace subsequent to the Public Health Department’s successful repair and restoration of the motor and transformer of two tube wells in Dohriyan and Mohallah Rarian, Hattar, through the ceaseless endeavours of former provincial minister Raja Faisal Zaman.

Zaman was reportedly informed of the malfunctioning motor of the Dohriyan tube well one week ago, and the transformer of the Mohalla Rarian tube well on Sunday, according to the available information. Subsequently, the former provincial minister initiated communication with public health department officials regarding the motor and transformer repairs for both tube wells. As a result of his endeavours, the tube wells were repaired and rendered operational, thereby facilitating the provision of water to the populace.

Zaman stated that his top priority was to serve the people, regardless of his political position. He declared that in the future he would continue to serve the people with the same zeal.

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