Rs 1 billion in projects have been completed by RCB

Rs 1 billion in projects have been completed by RCB

Rs 1 billion in projects have been completed by RCB. On Tuesday, a statement issued by the Rawalpindi Cantonment Board Cantonment Executive Officer Umer Farooq Ali Malik stated that the Rawalpindi Cantonment Board had completed development projects in cantonment regions worth Rs1 billion.

In addition, he stated that the carpeting of Kashmir Road and Adam Jee Road had been completed, as had the construction of two parking lots for visitors to Saddar, where parking will be provided free of charge.

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During his tour to several sections of the cantonment to inspect development projects, he was briefing Station Commander Brig Ijaz Qamar Kiani, who was also present.

A park dubbed Quranic Park, located on Sher Khan Chowk near the Military Hospital has been completed due to work. Various trees with names that exist in the Quran, such as olive and fig, have been planted in the area.

A ‘Rumi Wall,’ located near Rumi Park, has been constructed.

Qaiser Mehmood, an Rawalpindi Cantonment Board official, explained the development of the wall, saying that the goal of displaying Rumi’s quotations on the wall is to disseminate the message of love and brotherhood.

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