Rawalpindi begins the construction of a sports hostel

Rawalpindi begins the construction of a sports hostel

The construction of a sports hostel has begun at the Liaquat Bagh Sports Complex. Nadeem Anwar, Project Director, and Rauf Bajwa, Deputy Director Development, visited Rawalpindi and examined several projects, including Liaquat Bagh. Additionally, they urged responsible officials to expedite the hostel’s development.

The project will cost Rs100 million and will accommodate around 100 players. They will also create a fitness gym’s perimeter wall, the main gate, and a sports hostel.

They will build a borehole to alleviate the players’ water shortage problem. A monitoring committee, chaired by District Sports Officer (DSO) Shams Tauheed Abbasi, has also been established to ensure that the hostel is constructed on time.

According to insiders, the hotel will house around 100 players who will access all of the hostel’s amenities throughout their stay.

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There was no hostel for players competing in various sports at the municipal, divisional, provincial, and national levels. Private hotels or government barracks provided accommodations for the players.

Earlier, District Sports Board officials stated that the dormitory built at the Liaquat Bagh Sports Complex would have separate housing for female athletes and eventually house international players.

The hostel will also contain interior facilities, such as a kitchen and mess, and a mini-gym to ensure that players have the most outstanding possible facilities. Rawalpindi breaks ground on a sports hostel.

Officials said that senior players, coaches, and other staff would also be permitted to remain in the hostel, adding that players will be given transportation to and from the Liaquat Bagh Sports Complex. Rawalpindi breaks ground on a sports hostel.

The officials stated that discussions with Rescue 1122 and the local health authority administration are scheduled to begin soon to provide medical coverage to teams and players living at the hostel, making it easier for players to receive rapid medical assistance in the event of an emergency.

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