Plot allocation to housing authority executives questioned

Plot allocation to housing authority executives questioned

Forty-seven serving and retired officers from various ministries/divisions have challenged the Federal Government Employees Housing Authority’s (FGEHA) decision. They challenged them to award plots to board members in ‘privileged’ sectors, depriving them of their legitimate rights.

In a suit filed in the Islamabad High Court (IHC), the officers contended that they register under Phase-I of FGEHA’s Green Enclave in the Bhara Kahu project.

According to the appeal, the FGEHA initiated the Phase-II registration effort for the F-14 and F-15 and ignored the Phase-I drive by providing the Phase-II drive preferred attention.

The FGEHA allocated plots to Supreme Court judges, including Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed, judges of high courts, and senior bureaucrats, including a prime minister’s adviser, during the Phase-II push on August 17.

Sardar Taimoor Khan, the petitioners’ counsel, informed the court that all petitioners were federal government employees. When the FGEHA launched its membership campaign in 2009 on a “first come, first served” basis, the petitioners registered as members.

According to the petition, board members allocated plots to themselves and deprived 47 officials of them.

The applicants stated that they paid membership dues following their various pay ranges’ rights to plots.

According to the petition, FGEHA offered allotments in Sky Garden, located near Tehsil Murree, for drive-1, while the petitioners applied for plots in Bhara Kahu.

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The attorney reminded IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah that on the same date, the FGEHA assigned 4,723 plots to various members in Sectors F-14 and F-15 and unanimously decided to allow a story to each member of the executive board at a future meeting on August 25.

According to the petition, “securing plots in the coveted projects for themselves, i.e. members of the FGEHA executive board, through a decision approved by the executive board” under a table plan.

The FGEHA’s executive board is chaired by Tariq Bashir Cheema, the Minister of Housing and Works, who is not a programme member. However, the executive committee was entitled to include Secretary Housing Dr Imran Zeb Khan, Additional Secretary Zahoor Ahmed, Draftsman Mohammad Israr, Senior Chief Planning Commission Mohammad Anwar, Senior Joint Secretary Rizwan Ahmed Sheikh, Chief Commissioner and Chairman Capital Development Authority Amer Ali Ahmed, Managing Director Pakistan Housing Authority Amir Mohiyuddin, Director-General PWD Akramul Haq, Director General FGEHA Tariq Rashid, and Chief Engineer.

According to the petition, the FGEHA signed a joint venture agreement with M/s Commoner Sky Garden in October 2019 with the approval of its executive board for the development of a housing scheme at Mouza Mengal and Mouza Kattar near Murree, where allegedly 6,300 kanals stood mutated in favour of the FGEHA.

It claimed that the petitioners were duped into accepting a provisional offer for allotment in a housing scheme near Tehsil Murree rather than Phase VI Bhara Kahu. They had paid the down payment under consent letters issued on April 27, 2016, and became members in September 2009.

Additionally, petitioners were entitled to plots in F-14 and F-15, but the executive board refused to accommodate them and made allotments under the new membership drive.

FGEHA to allocate plots to petitioners in F-14 and F-15. Additionally, it urged that the executive board’s decision to allot plots to its members be set aside.

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