SHC halts multi-story building construction in Sukkur

SHC halts multi-story building construction in Sukkur

While a limitation order imposed a few weeks ago by the Sindh High Court’s Sukkur bench remains in place, builders of multi-story housing complexes have restarted construction work.

The court had halted construction of multi-story structures on plots smaller than 400 square yards. Along narrow roads and streets, and on any project that did not include a sizable parking place for flat allottees.

However, construction activity on 120-square-yard and even smaller plots have resumed in earnest over the last week. Numerous six- to twelve-story schemes are placed along minor roads and streets. Such as Miyani Road, Nishtar Road, Shamshabad, Dhak Road, Katti Bazaar, and Bandar Road.

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The Sukkur Municipal Corporation appears disinterested, even though civic life in all of these areas has been severely impacted.

According to confident builders with whom this reporter talked, they had received clearance from the SBCA to resume development on their projects. They did not, however, generate such a paper. They stated that these multi-story housing structures benefited those who desired to live in the city rather than in suburban dwellings.

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